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What is an Ugly Doll?

Updated on May 3, 2014

A Different View

Kids pick up on this from an early age so wouldn't it be great to change that mindset of what's wrong with me to what is right with me? What gifts are uniquely mine and how can I share them with everyone? What a great idea!

The Ugly Doll can help kids keep their focus on the positive, while having fun and keeping a good sense of humor about life experiences that at one time or another happen to us all.

While the ugly dolls and Uglybuddies are branded as being "ugly," it won't take long to look at them as unique, fun and far from ugly. It's amazing what can happen when we choose to focus on these things instead of outward appearances.

Suddenly, the crooked teeth, glasses, curly hair (or whatever the "perceived" flaws are) become nearly invisible, don't they?

There are a whole bunch of these cuddly ugly dolls to love, in addition to a whole line of really great books that kids really love. All of the Uglybuddies have their own unique story, just like all of us do.

Give these ugly dolls a look and you, too, will fall in love with them from the inside out! By doing that, maybe it will be easier to understand how to accept ourselves and others just the way we are.

[Images courtesy of Amazon]

The Ugly Doll

The simple answer to that question is that they are a very popular series of children's plush dolls, toys and books.

But the idea behind the ugly dolls is that instead of focusing on the outward appearance of the doll, focus instead on all of the wonderful things that uniquely make up the character. The important lesson to take away here is that this idea not only applies to the dolls, but to kids, as well.

The dolls teach kids the importance of embracing the differences of others; how they look, talk, dress and all of the things on the inside that make us all different and unique. Instead of feeling bad because you have freckles or curly hair, the ugly doll can help us remember that no two of us are alike and it's OK to have freckles, curly hair, crooked teeth, or whatever else about us that's less than perfect.

After all, none of us are perfect, right?

There always seems to be something about ourselves that we want to change and there is so much focus on these perceived flaws.

Instead of celebrating our talents such as being a great friend, a budding artist, good in sports or school, it is way too easy to focus on outward appearances and what is "wrong" with us instead of what is already so very right with us.

Ugly Dolls Background

A Sweet Love Story

When sweethearts David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim were dating, there was a period of time when they were separated by distance.

Back in the days when people exchanged letters by snail mail, David would write letters to Sun-Min and at the end of every letter, he would sign his name and include a sketch of an “ugly” little monster. One of David’s dreams, other than to be reunited with Sun-Min and get married, was to become an author.

As a surprise for David, one day Sun-Min looked around and gathered up some “ugly” pieces of fabric and things she had lying about. She then sewed together a version of one of David’s little monster sketches, bringing the first ugly doll to life. She gave it to David as a Christmas present that year.

As you can imagine, when David saw one of his sketches now in doll form, he was thrilled! He knew that this could be the beginning of something big, and that maybe, just maybe, children could embrace these ugly dolls and see the love and beauty in them.

That was the beginning of the Ugly Doll, which allowed David to realize his dream of becoming an author, as he and Sun-Min have successfully co-authored and published a series of Ugly Doll books, in addition to expanding their line of Ugly Dolls and Uglybuddies.

Officially kicked off in 2001, many a child has loved reading the books and hugging their ugly doll.

Set in the UglyVerse, “ugly” is a positive, celebrating the special, unique qualities that each and every one of us have.

As for David and Sun-Min, they have been happily married and living in California for years : )

Uglybuddies Ugly Doll

Gund Uglybuddies Ox With Ice Bat

All of us needs to have a best buddy, and here you can be a part of the wonderful friendship between Uglybuddies Ox and Ice Bat.

Leaning on each other through good times and not so good times, you can snuggle up with your Uglybuddies for soft comfort.

Tell your Uglybuddies your deepest secrets because they promise not to tell!

Make of the softest and plush-iest fabric around, kids ages 3 and up can have their very own Uglybuddies for playtime!

Varieties of Ugly Dolls

The Ugly Doll collection lets you choose from a variety of shapes and sizes.

The “small” Ugly Dolls are generally around 7″ tall, and recommended for ages 3 to 103!

It’s the perfect size doll for babies and toddlers, in addition to bigger kids who want to keep their best Uglybuddies right on their beds.

Easy to bring along anywhere, Ugly Dolls are the perfect travel companions for car trips and overnight stays.

Ugly Doll Patterns

Ugly Doll Patterns

Make your own Ugly Doll

If you love the idea of an Ugly Doll and have the ambition, you can easily create your very own Ugly Doll to give to someone special.

Sure, you'll need some thread, felt, stuffing, and accessories for the face/eyes. However, the single most ingredient to making a beautiful Ugly Doll is the love that goes into it.

That's right, sew up some of that love you feel for your special person so they can hang onto it for a lifetime by simply giving that one-of-a-kind Ugly Doll a hug. A truly treasured gift.

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Ugly Doll Books

All of the Ugly Doll books are great for kids of all ages, from 3 on up.

The kids can really relate to the characters, who make their way through life experiences with a sense of humor, fun and by using their own special talents.

The books are entertaining, funny and keep kids interested in the stories so much so that they’ll want to read them over and over again.

These books have captured hearts and are mom tested and approved!

Get to know and learn all about your favorite Ugly Doll friends!

Ugly Doll Backpack Clips

The Ugly Doll clip-ons are one of the most popular of items because you can take them along with you wherever you may go.

If you have a plain backpack or suitcase, simply clip one of your favorite charactors on and you’ll be able to spot your stuff even if it’s buried in a huge monkey pile! Add a clip-on to your favorite jacket, belt loops or ??

While using an Ugly Doll clip can help you identify your stuff more easily, it can also help remind you that you are unique and that it's awesome to enjoy your very own journey on this road called life.

So now you know what an Uglydoll is, and how they came to life.

Now that you know, do you still think they're ugly?

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