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What is the difference between round and rectangular Trampolines?

Updated on October 5, 2010

What is the difference between round and rectangular Trampolines?

The performance quality of round and rectangular trampolines is completely different.

When bouncing on a round trampoline you will always get pulled into the centre this is because the springs are all working at the same time.

It can be very difficult to learn proper techniques on a round trampoline as you will never be able to land in a position where you left on the bed. This can also be very dangerous for multiple users as it can cause collisions as both users get pulled into the centre.

Rectangular trampolines give better performance and will not cause the user to be pulled into the centre. This is because the straight edges on the trampoline allow the springs to work at different timings meaning the user will always land where they left off. This will also help when there are multiple users on the trampoline; two people will be able to bounce happily at either end of the trampoline without getting pulled together when bouncing.

Is you are looking at sinking either of these trampolines into the ground it can be done just remember the bigger the trampoline the more dirt you are going to have to dig up.



Thomas Staton - A Trampoline and Garden Games expert.


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