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What is the Price of a Nintendo 3DS?

Updated on January 23, 2011

Are you interested in Nintendo's newest handheld gaming console, known as the 3DS? Can't wait to get your hands on one? But what is the price of a brand new nintendo 3DS? And is it really worth the cost?

The answer is not as straight forward as you might think. Read on to learn more about 3DS pricing and how you can find the cheapest available online and why it's worth every penny.

Currently Nintendo has not released any information about the 3DS's launch price outside of Japan. All that is know is that the 3DS will cost about 25000 yen. Some online sources have gone crazy over the pricing after doing a direct conversion from yen to the US dollar. The price if converted like this is roughly 300 US Dollars. Some have said this to be an outrageous price especially compared to previous DS models.

*update* The 3DS launch price in the us has been set as I predicted at $249.99 Check out the pre order 3DS's on amazon below. 

However, Nintendo will probably seek to price the 3DS more aggressively outside of Japan. The current high value of the yen is a not normal and will probably return back to 100 yen or more to a dollar. If this happens the price Nintendo has selected in Japan will not be that far off from the US's and other country's price.

Currently Amazon has the 3DS pre order listed at $299.99. However in the past Nintendo has had a policy of pegging it's pricing at roughly 1 dollar to 100 yen, regardless of the actually exchange rate. The DS and Wii often end up costing slightly more in Japan then other countries. This means that we can expect the final launch price to come down to roughly $250 which however, is still much more expensive than previous DS models.

Online Auctions

Because Nintendo is doing a staggered launch world wide, expect 3DS's to be put up on ebay in February. As with most console launches, these will most likely be sold for astronomical prices to fanboys and reviewers desperate to get their hands on the 3DS as soon as possible.

After the world wide launch, if you wait a few months the hub bub she die down. By christmas 2011 the 3DS will no doubt come down in price in preparation for the holidays. If however the 3DS proves to be a runaway success like the Wii and DS before it, there may be massive shortages again driving up the price, particularly on online auction sites.

Thanks for reading. If you are looking for more information about the 3DS check out the links below. Happy 3DSing!


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