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What is your favorite roleplaying game?

Updated on June 19, 2016

A role playing game - depiction

People get to imagine themselves in different roles
People get to imagine themselves in different roles | Source

Different genres for different people

When we talk about role playing games - or RPGs we have to realize that genre is a vital component. Some people enjoy the fantasy setting with dragons, knights and sorcerors. Others enjoy the more modern science fiction setting with spaceships, laser, warp speed and planets. Still others prefer Lovecraftian horror genres or even comical cartoon genres. Name a genre and you can find an RPG to match it!

Do you like creepy castles...

Castles are a key element in horror and fantasy settings
Castles are a key element in horror and fantasy settings | Source

Consider the weight of rules

Rules in RPG games help guide the game and make define what players can and cannot do. Different people like different rules styles. One of the ways dividing the rules is by how "rules-lite" are they. A very rules-lite system has a few core mechanics and leaves everything else to the players to deal with. A more rules heavy game includes long lists of tables that define precise occurrences for different instances as well as precise parameters for what players can do. Some players might prefer the freedom granted by the rules-lite games while others might prefer the solid framework of the more formal rules of various games.

It should be noted that many of the more rules-heavy games tend to be better marketed because the rules also promote creativity in certain ways. Also it is far better to market sets of rules that you can market supplements to as opposed to a list of rules you can fit on a small cardboard sheet of paper...

Roleplaying dice can come in all shapes and sizes
Roleplaying dice can come in all shapes and sizes | Source

Some RPGs use dice - others don't

Some players find that part of the attraction of roleplaying is the rolling of dice. Rules-lite games tend to minimize dice rolling so as not to bog down the game whereas more realistic games tend to micromanage various aspects with dice. Some games use other forms of random result generation such as watch milliseconds, card drawing, paper-rock-scissors etc. Some avoid randomness and let the story take its course.

So? What do YOU like?

Well, what sort of RPG game do you like?

What are you looking for in an RPG?


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