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What to Expect When You're Learning to Play Guitar

Updated on June 23, 2015

Learning something new is not always easy. It takes a lot of patience, patience and patience. When I first try the feel of playing guitar, it was really not what I expected. I started to seriously learn it in the summer of 2014 so I can say that ,I’m too is still a beginner and there’s a lot to learn. So let’s set the expectations straight for those who are eager to learn to play guitar for the first time and to those who consider playing it. Side note: I play acoustic guitar, I haven’t experienced electric or any other types of guitar.


Fingertips primarily will have all the pain. It’s fingertips job to squeeze the strings rightly to produce a good sound. Next is neck. Beginners haven’t fully known the finger positions of each chord and as a result will constantly make a side view angle to look at it to check if it is correctly positioned and consequently the neck suffers. That’s the reason why they say an experienced guitar player can play without looking on the fret board (a part of the guitar where strings are placed) because they have established muscle memory.As a result,they can easily execute correct finger position.

Quick Tip

Before you dive into playing songs or practicing some chords,just like any exercises you need to warm up those fingers.This can lessen the pain and prepare you better.Watch this:

Guitar Warm- up Routine


These are the result of squeezing those strings with our fingertips. But we must aim having it. Why? When we develop callouses on fingertips we can easily squeeze the strings with less pain. Additionally callouses are like paddings that strengthens the fingertips. It equips us to correctly and fully make each chord positions. Honestly at first it was very painful, even if you want to practice more your forced to stop. So it’s ideal to not over practice.


The first time you play a chord, you will not hit it perfectly. It takes an amount of practice. I guess the reason why many quits in learning to play guitar is because it’s very frustrating to play it and not hear a beautiful sound the way it should be. There’s the sound of buzz on your first few guitar plays and it’s pretty normal because your fingers are still in the process on getting used to its new task .By the way I advise to make sure your guitar are properly tuned for less frustration because oftentimes we play the right chord with right finger position but the guitar itself is not on right tune.

Develop a sharp ear

As you always practice and study the song you are playing, you’ll become your own critic. Every piece of sound you hear will vibrate inside you and want to accurately achieve it while playing. This one justifies that listening is more important than anything. You’ll also be amazed at how you can spot a teeny tiny not so good sound on your guitar plays. And that’s a fun part because it paves the way of your eagerness to play better and not just mediocre. In line with this, did you know that playing musical instrument can improve and stimulate our brains?

Expect this to happen to you .Watch this scientific but very interesting video:

Whenever you here a new song, you’ll quickly want to learn how to play it

As you continue the wonderful journey of music with guitar, every song that’s dear to you will be the first one you’ll study. That’s for sure. And when you have studied all your favorites, you will soon find a new song that you’ll become your favorite one to play. I am guilty of this, it’s just that to have play a new song in guitar is not just cool but satisfying. Because deep inside you know you are getting better. It’s also a good sign of your true eagerness to play like a pro.

Your web browsers will have a lot of bookmarks on guitar related sites

When you want to learn a new song, you’ll search its chords. So you’ll search it on google for instance and thus you’ll find yourself visiting guitar chords sites such as Ultimate Guitar. Thirsts for more knowledge about you’re chosen hobby will also burst .As a result, you’ll look for tips, additional information, motivation and inspiration about playing guitar. It’s like falling in love with someone; you want to know everything about him or her.

Music store : That's an eyecandy for guitar enthusiast
Music store : That's an eyecandy for guitar enthusiast | Source

You will always glance on musical instrument stores eyeing for guitar accessories or new guitar.

Speaking from a personal experience. You’ll look for a pick, a capo, strap and anything that does have to do with guitar. As time goes by, you’ll dream of having a high end, quite expensive brand of guitar. That’s a sure sign that you want to play better and get past the beginner stage. Just be mindful deciding if you really need a new one and of course make sure you will really use it.

YouTube is your teacher

Many who learn to play guitar started on watching YouTube videos. Just like me. You’ll like swimming in a lot of tutorials it offers. Very convenient and you can directly ask the person about that video on certain points by making comments. My personal favorites are the ones who gave tips and motivations for beginners. It’s like having your own virtual teacher. Here are some of the videos which are a good start.

Getting it right from the start!

Though I have to admit you’ll also learn a lot from a music teacher specializing in musical instruments like guitar so if you can, do it. I guess sometimes nothing beats the human touch.

An example of a barre chord
An example of a barre chord | Source

The dreaded barre chord

This is the chord where you’ll use four fingers and the index finger has to press down all the strings at once on a single fret. It may sound complicated and painful huh? It really is. Some songs and sometimes our favorite one’s have this one. But if you master playing it, I tell you it’s easy to play any song. And you got passed one of the difficult stage of playing guitar. You’ll not be even called in beginner stage. Some they say it takes a year to master it .I myself haven’t master it, but I’m getting there. If however you lose patience there are other alternative chords that can sound like a true barre chord. Use it for the mean time to perform the song you want. But still look forward in learning barre chords .Start with one and practice it for ten minutes. So you will never have to dread when you see it on songs.

Testing of patience

Of all I listed here on what to expect, it all boils down to patience. I guess all roads that we take in every journey, we overcome victoriously by patience. You can tell if someone will seriously learn to play guitar by the amount of patience he or she pours in. In learning something we are often discourage but always remember the reason why you start on the first place. Just imagine the thousand beautiful songs you can play if you keep on practicing and learning to play guitar.

That's all folks.I do hope you will not give up on learning it.I believe you can do it! Though it may take some time,but it's really worthwhile.So go grab that guitar now!

Have you played a guitar before?

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