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What to Expect in Pokémon Sun and Moon

Updated on February 29, 2016
Bubblegum Senpai profile image

Nigel has been playing video games ever since he first picked up a Master System controller in his diapers. Nintendo fanboy.

The logos Nintendo revealed in it's Nintendo Direct.
The logos Nintendo revealed in it's Nintendo Direct. | Source

Okay, so I was wrong about Pokémon Z. It happens, and I admitted in my last article about Pokémon that there was a possibility it might not come out. While I'm slightly disappointed, I am completely pumped still about Generation 7 coming out for the holidays this year. I imagine people will be posting their wish lists for the series soon, and I will get to it too, but right now, I want to challenge the items I imagine will people will be hoping for. I'm going to try not to touch on ideas I already mentioned in my article about Pokémon Z, so please visit it to read on those ones.

Here are is my New List about What to Expect in Pokémon Sun and Moon!

What else?

I wrote already about what to expect in Pokémon Z. I don't want to address them in depth them here, but the main one that still applies is Multiple Regions. Multiple regions would be fun, but Game Freak is putting this game out quite close to the previous releases, and it would take a lot of extra work to add more regions. As well, assuming they preserve the experience system of X/Y and ORAS, there wouldn't be much challenge as you'll already have a dozen level 80 'mons going into the new region.

Pokemon X/Y was one the first in it's series to include skin tone options as part of it's customization, making it that much more inclusive.
Pokemon X/Y was one the first in it's series to include skin tone options as part of it's customization, making it that much more inclusive. | Source

No Character Customisation

Okay. I won't lie. I loved character customization. But it's not likely to come back for the next generation. Maybe skin-tone will be an option like in X/Y, but the ability to select your clothes has been stated on many occasions that it was done because the Kalos Region was based on France, and so they wanted to fill the region with Boutiques and Fashion Designers. While we don't quite know the details of where the new series will take place or what real-world region it will be based upon, it's unlikely fashion will play as strongly a role as it had in X and Y.

“In terms of the customization of the trainer, that was really kind of a special thing for the Kalos region, which featured this kind of motif of France and really focused on this beauty and fashion aspect, which is why it was a prominent feature in that game."
-Junichi Masuda

As for why Regions have certain features that don't return in other generations, Masuda had this to say:

“It’s really meant to give unique traits of personalities to the different regions. So with the secret bases, for example, they’re really popular in the Hoenn region. Everything we come up with always tie back into the themes of the games we’re working on..."

This is a shame, because I would love to be able to do this again. It was so much fun and I loved making my player as unique as I am. Of all the features that likely won't return, this is the one I want most to come back.

Sylveon, as seen in Pokemon Amie
Sylveon, as seen in Pokemon Amie | Source

Pokémon Amie

Okay. As much fun as I had in Pokémon Amie, it's not likely to return, and I'm perfectly okay with that. Again, it's another thing that makes sense in the context of the Kalos region, and it was nice to have kept it in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. But at some point, feeding your pokémon macarons in a feature using the French word for "friend" (Kalos being based on France), is going to seem out of place. Especially with rumors of the upcoming region being more tropical, such as Hawaii, South America, or Florida.

This poses one small problem though - Sylveon. Sylveon evolves from Eevee when it gains a certain amount of happiness in Pokémon Amie, and knows a fairy type move. So how do they take that into account?

It's actually perfectly possible as this isn't the first time Game Freak has come across this issue. In Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire for the Game Boy Advance (and continuing in Diamond and Pearl) there was Feebas. Feebas only evolved in those games by earning "Beauty Points." Beauty points were points attributed to the Beauty stat in those games because they were integral to contests. Pokémon Black and White and Pokémon Gold and Silver had no contests in which Beauty was a relevant stat, and as such, the stat did not exist. So how did Game Freak get around this? They introduced a trade item. If Feebas was traded holding a Prism Scale, it would evolve into the majestic Milotic.

I'm not too fond of Eevee evolving by trade, but it may have to happen. Here are the various ways that one might be able to acquire a Sylveon in Generation 7:

  • Holding a trade item specific to Eevee and trading (I propose the name "Designer Ribbon")
  • Something akin to a move tutor, who offers to evolve your Eevee into Sylveon if it's friendship is high enough and knows a Fairy Move (or some other conditions).
  • Make it evolve in a certain location, like Glaceon and Leafeon already do
  • Keep the Happiness stat intact, but have other methods of increasing the stat.
  • Keep Pokémon Amie, but maybe change the macarons to a snack more suited to the region.

However they do it, it would sure be interesting to see, and it's one of the biggest questions on my mind as to if there will be Amie in Gen 7, and if not, what will happen to Sylveon?

More new Pokémon than X/Y offered

Clearly Game Freak has run out of ideas, despite what the internet thinks. Every generation has it's ups and downs. A giant steel ball with an eye? Yeah. By the way, do you know what Pokémon I'm referring to? It could be Beldum, as well as Magnemite.

Even I'll admit, there are some designs I don't really care for. Rhyperior and Electivire just didn't seem like appropriate evolutions for Rhydon and and Electabuzz. I think it was a little overboard in my opinion.

Pokemon X and Y only introduced 69 new pokémon, not including events like Diancie or Hoopa. I expect in Generation 7 there will be slightly stronger focus on new pokémon, introducing between 90 and 110.

Random Encounters

Yes. I've seen all the youtubers begging for the elimination of random encounters. I enjoy my random encounters, and I think they fit in well in the Pokémon series. I know most RPGs and JRPGs have moved away from them, and in many games it serves a purpose. Stealth is fun. But Pokémon isn't a stealth game. I do like seeing new ways to catch them all that aren't entirely random encounters, but yes, I'm happy with the bulk of my 'mons being decided by the Random Number God.

A minigame that allows you to increase the effort values your Pokemon receives in select stats.
A minigame that allows you to increase the effort values your Pokemon receives in select stats. | Source

IVs will remain

Sorry internet. IVs and EVs will continue to play an integral role in the Pokémon series. While Game Freak has continued to make building high IVs and acquiring EVs easier, and I imagine that will continue in Sun and Moon, it's unlikely they'll eliminate them anytime soon. And yes, it's an unpopular opinion, but hey, if you want to play Pokémon competitively, go out there and earn it and put in the work other competitive players do.

There has been talk about Masuda claiming he wanted to return to the simplicity of the first generation, and many people presume that Masuda is referring to eliminating IVs and EVs, or bringing them down to less variables. It is possible that's what he meant, but most likely it's wishful thinking.

For more of my unpopular opinion on the subject, please check out my article on Pokémon IVs. You may also leave your hatred for my opinion there. I promise you, I'll respond.


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    • Bubblegum Senpai profile imageAUTHOR

      Nigel Kirk 

      3 years ago from Calgary, AB, CAN

      Thanks Eevee. I picked up both and am working my way through Moon's post-content. I certainly had tons of fun playing it. I'll be posting a review of the game sometime this week. It was nice to reread this and see what I got wrong and right.


      In this case, I was completely wrong about character customization, though it wasn't as good as it was in X/Y in my view.

      They opted for the last option on Sylveon's evolution (keeping Pokemon amie but renaming it to suit the new region)

      They did introduce more new Pokemon than X/Y did. But if I don't include Alolan forms, my prediction was high. If I do include them, my prediction was low, but close.

      Random Encounters and EV/IV's remain. It's more difficult to catch a high IV Pokemon and difficult to unlock the judge, but breeding is still easy and with Hyper Training, you don't really need to breed for IV's, just egg moves and natures. EV training is tricky without super training, but still have some shortcuts remaining.

    • profile image

      Eevee is 

      3 years ago

      I ❤️ Pokemon! I'm looking forward to Pokemon moon! Lunalaaaaaa!!!!!!!!


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