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What to do on a cold night

Updated on November 15, 2012

So it is that time of the year again, when it comes time to take out those sweaters and jackets for when we need to go outside. To those who still have their air conditioners on, it is time to turn them off and get your heater ready for those cold nights to come. This is the time that we get our tires ready for those icy roads that are coming and we have that handy dandy cardboard or scraper to get the ice off the windshield wiper in the morning when we have to go head out to work.

Many of us would like to just stay home and relax. I know, I like to just stay in bed under my warm blankets especially in those cold mornings when I know that I have to get up for work. But knowing that one has to somehow make a living motivates me to get up out of bed to get ready for another day at work, hoping that the heater is at least working or that it is even on when you get in from the cold.

The thought of enjoying a nice cup of hot cocoa with maybe a good book that we have been reading. Just imagine, sitting in a couch with your legs close to your body and you have a blanket around you keeping you warm. You may even have your nice warm house shoes or socks on so your feet won't get cold. Right beside you is a nice big cup of steaming hot cocoa and you are holding that one good book. Every few minutes you lay that book aside to pick up your hot cocoa and right in front of you is your fireplace producing the warmth that you need.

I could just close my eyes and imagine that right now. Maybe to some of you it isn't a book but a movie instead with someone. Whatever you like to do on cold days is good because everyone likes to do something different. What do you like to do on a cold night?


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