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What to do When Your Bored - Things to do When You Are Bored

Updated on February 13, 2016

I'm like so bored, help me.

What to do When You Feel Bored?

In our daily lives, we all feel burned out from routines. Especially if you do not get to interact with other people more in your daily life. People get trapped in daily job routine and get bored doing the same thing over and over.

We all hit some time in our workplace or at home where we really cannot find anything to do. What to do when your bored ? What to do when you are listless ? Sometime you can see all your co-workers or family members pick up something to do, but you cannot find anything to do. At workplace, you hit the time where you are just waiting for others to get the work done and have nothing to do except follow up to them.

I try to summarize some of the nice ideas as well some crazy ideas to get you out of your boredom. Some are really simple while some ideas can be addictive too. Try to do something from these lists, it will make you more active and will be a good time pass. My ideas are solely based on my experience and it should not be taken as advice.

What to do when your bored ?

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What to do When Your Bored? Things to do When Your Bored

So what are some crazy yet funny ways you can get rid of your boredom. Here are some crazy things to do when your bored.

1) Try to not think about Anyone:

You simply cannot try not to think about a person or a thing. The more you are trying not to think about it, the more you are going to remember it. It is human psychology that if we have been asked to not think about anyone then we tend to think about it more. If you think it work with your friends or colleagues only then try to not think about monkey for 5 minutes. Good luck.

2) Make slow buzzing noise

This can be a devilish idea. When you are in a boring place where all people are sitting quietly and not talking at all. You can make a slow buzzing sound with a straight face. Everyone will try to find out from where the noise coming. It can be funny, especially if they do not find you.

3) Make paper planes, some structure using paper clips

This can be handy when you are at your home or in your work office in your cabin. Times come when we do not have something or we may simply be waiting for a meeting to start in 15-20 minutes. Remember the time you were making all this paper plane when you were a small kid. Try making same paper planes and structures. It will be lots of fun as well bring some memories of your childhood.

4) Rate people who pass by you:

This can be funny at your workplace. If you have a coworker to play with you it will be better. So you both will be just trying to rate passers by their clothes, appearance, footwear, style, etc..You can do it alone and if you have someone you can exchange your ideas with them as well. This works best if you have one or two partners.

5) Go for a small walk:

It is really easy. If you are feeling bored then just go for a small walk. Go meet your other coworkers or go in different departments. You can always go to a cafeteria area if your office has one. If not, simply go to outside, take some deep breath and you will be filled with some fresh energy.

6) Workout:

If you have a gym membership, go there and take out all your stress on weights and cardio machines. Even if you are not a gym member, you can try some body weight exercises and stretching at home. This will improve blood flow in your brain and body and provide them more oxygen. Physical activities always help. If you cannot even do stretching, take a long walk.

What to do when your bored ? Things to do when your bored

What not to do when you are bored :)

What to do When Your Bored : Some Crazy Things to do When Your Bored

Getting interesting right? All right, so earlier we mentioned some sane, good things to do when your bored. Now here comes some more crazy things to do when your bored.

1) Pretend to be a car:

This works well if you are at home or with friends. Make car noise and go for a walk or race. You can always make a horn sound and make some commentary for passers by.

2) Think something stupid:

Yes, it can be a nice time pass if you get into it. Think something really stupid. For example, why 2+2 is 4 and not 5. This sounds stupid, but think about it, why it is just 4 and nothing else. Think about that why crow is always black? I am sure you can find many things like this.

3) Take a shower:

Again, this can be the idea when you are at home. If you feel bored and clueless at home, take a nice bubble bath. Get in the tub and stay in nice warm water for a while. It will make you fresh.

4) Use your super power

Think about if you have some secret mind power and can make people do things you want. You can pick someone and use your super power to make them do things like drop their pen or scratch their head or knock into someone. As per the law of average, they will do certain things sooner or later, those you want them to do. It will make you think you have the super power and you can make people to do things.

Do Something Different

Overall speaking, just divert your mind to something else than what you are doing. We get bored when we get mentally tired of what we are doing.Our mind starts thinking it as a chore which is not giving any pleasure to you. Try to start a communication with someone, go out, look for new things to do, take a shower, workout, stretch and yoga are some common remedies to fix boredom instantly. Try yourself.


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    • profile image

      _colorful_whut_ 18 months ago

      I suggest blaring music through the whole house/ room, going for a jog/ walk, stretch ect. Pamper yourself! I like doing face masks ;) Do anything that might be productive and will get your body moving :))

    • ktnptl profile image

      ktnptl 2 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      haha, totally agree with peachpurple, It is just a crazy idea people try.

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      do something different, that would be cool. Holding the books with your toes ain't easy you know

    • profile image

      yoloholo333 2 years ago

      I got one ok. Every time a person walks by look at them creepily and say, "YOUR ONE OF THEM!!" and sob to a persons legs in public and say, " HE FAWRTED " and talk like a baby. Hope u try it