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What to expect (and not to) in Watch Dogs

Updated on May 14, 2014

Here's What You Should Expect

There's always a lot of expectations in "most anticipated" games, especially those from big developers and publishers like Ubisoft.

While some highly anticipated games tend to disappoint players, like *ahem* Battlefield 4 *ahem*, we sure do hope this one will be well delivered as it is considered as a "breakthrough" in the gaming industry in terms of size, gaming mechanic and graphics.

1) Hacking, a lot of hacking

This is pretty obvious as the game itself is being promoted as "hacker, hacking and get hacked". You play as Aiden Pierce, the main protagonist of the story, who is an expert in using his cell phone to hack almost every devices and electronics you can find in the game.

The story sets in Chicago and you will be doing most of your hacking here. CCTVs, Cell Phones, ATMs, Railroad, Radios and many more in your wild imaginations, can be hacked. Basically any thing that is operated electronically can be hacked, awesome isn't it?

Since ATMs are hackable, you can expect to earn tons of cash by hacking ATMs most of the time, since it's easy and you are not committing an obvious crime like robbing people at the ATM machine in GTA V aren't' you?

2. Astounding Graphics

Watch Dogs is a "Next-Gen" game and it will be released on both Next Gen consoles which are the PS4 and Xbox One, so you can expect the graphic to be amazing, very amazing.

However, there's some arguments saying that the graphic will be sub-par as it will be released on "last-gen" consoles like the PS3 and Xbox 360 too.

Well, for me, I'll be putting my bet on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One version. Ubisoft did delayed the game which scheduled to release on 2013 to 2014. They may have done a lot of optimization and enhancement to both the mechanics and graphics.

We understand that most multi-platforms games are not performing so well on all platform, but of course you can expect Watch Dogs will perform better than the old games as they really took the time to polish the game before release (hopefully).

If you look at the previous title from Ubisoft, namely Assassin's Creed - Black Flag, the graphic is quite outstanding and it's a big step improvement from Ubisoft in the graphic department.

While we never really have a chance to look at the high resolution in game graphic, but we can expect that the graphic will look better than Black Flag, if it's not, just go rage on Ubisoft! (Just kidding).

3. Long hours of gameplay

The story is going to be long, just like the Assassin's Creed franchise, which promise at least a 30 hours of game play.

Provided you don't skip all side quests and cut-scene (not including the time to gather collectibles), you can expect so spend at least a 30 hours in this game, which is not bad at all for an action RPG game.

Technically speaking, this game is also an open world sandbox game like GTA V and Skyrim. Hence, you may also end up spending your time roaming around in the huge city of Chicago doing crazy stuffs like messing around with the electrical and electronic devices in the city, stealing cars, eavesdropping on phone's conversation and killing some random pedestrians. All of these may add up to a total of 80+ hours of game play, and we haven't include the time in multi-player.

If you have watched the multiplayer game play of Watch Dogs, you may have seen some footage of Co-op and PvP game play. Invite your friends and you can expect to spend a few more hours hacking and shooting each other!

Here's What Not to Expect

No game is perfect, so don't expect Watch Dogs to be perfect at launch either. Here's some of the few things you shouldn't expect in the release.

1. Hardcore Shooting Experience

You play the game in a third person view. While there's shooting in this game, the core game play is still on hacking.

You can't expect the shooting to be as fun as Mass Effect, Dead Space or Gears of War. The shooting in Watch Dogs is just part of the game play, just like GTA V, so expect a mediocre shooting experience.

Well you can always "defeat" your enemies or complete your goal with manipulation of hacked devices, since shooting is not the only option, so it doesn't really matter, isn't it?

2. Complete Story & Content

If you know Ubisoft, you know the story of the game won't be ended on the first game. You've seen Far Cry, Assassin's Creed and Splinter Cell, the popular games from Ubisoft never ends on only 1 game, it goes on like Watch Dogs 2, Watch Dogs 3, Watch Dogs: Prequel.

Don't expect the story to ends on Watch Dogs 1, I'm betting that Ubisoft will make Watch Dogs 2 and 3 in the future to juice out the money from this franchise, just like Assassin's Creed.

Additionally, don't expect to get full content on the normal retail version as well. As Ubisoft have already announced the $19.99 Season Pass Single Player DLC, you already known that you are missing out part of the game by buying the retail version. This DLC introduces a new playable character calls the T-bone and cyborg killing mode which you won't get to play if you just buy the normal version, bummer.

3. Long Lasting Multiplayer

Just like the most anticipated GTA V Online, Watch Dogs offers free roam mode as well as Co Op in online multiplayer.

What we learned from GTA V Online is that the multiplayer doesn't offer much for players to "stay" in the game for long. What you will be doing is repetitive and it may get boring pretty fast.

The free roam mode also doesn't put every players in the same world as you. Most likely you will be put on a server with another 8-16 players, where you can meet each other in Chicago and do whatever you like.

This also isn't MMORPG, we don't have much information on the "level up" mechanics yet but the missions can be rather repetitive after a while.

Watch Dogs Multiplayer Game Play Preview

All the above are just the personal comments from me, let me know if you agree or disagree with the points mentioned in the comment box below!


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