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Best Toys and Gifts for 4 year old girls 2014

Updated on April 6, 2014

Birthday and Christmas Gifts for 4 year old girls

Are you looking for the best toys for a four year old girl this year? If so you can find lots of ideas here.

For someone without knowledge of kids hobbies it can be incredibly difficult trying to buy a birthday or Christmas gift. However this does need to be the case, as this page will help you find the best toys for this age range.

This page will provide a range of toys including those which are educational in nature as well as, puzzles, dolls, sports, outdoor toys and much more. Those featured will cover a range of price ranges so that you can pick something for as little as $10 or as much as $200.


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Cool Toys for 10 dollars

Girls Toys Under $10

Are you looking for a cheap gift? Did you know that you can get great toys for as little as $10 or less? Here is a small selection of what's available.

Little girls love housekeeping so they will make good use of this mop as they follow Mum around whenever she is washing the wooden floors. Make sure you supervise your child whenever she is using this. It has an Amazon rating of 4.5 stars after 33 reviews.

An easel pad is an essential item in every 4 year olds bedroom. They need something to express themselves and they will spend countless hours writing, coloring and scribbling on this. Encourage your child art skills with this toy.

All little kids love stickers and this make a face sticker pack is sure to please. It allows you to decorate 20 different faces with eyes, eyebrows, lips, jewelry and more. This will be fun for girls and women too. It is one of the top selling sticker packs on Amazon right now with a rating of 4.5 stars.

Popular Toys for Girls for less than 50 bucks

If you have set yourself $50 or under to spend on a present you will be pleased to know there are a large range of different things you can purchase. If you cannot choose between gifts you could always buy two cheaper items.

This pink Vtech ereader is suitable for girls aged 3-7. It is currently on sale on Amazon. All little girls want to be like their mum so if you have a kindle chances are your little girl is trying to steal it. Why not treat her to this pink ereader so she can be like her mum.
Plays fully animated stories with story narration, character voices, vivid graphics and exciting music and sounds so it is a great educational toy.

This Barbie doll is recommended for 5 years and up, but you have to admit most little girls own their first barbie before then. This is no normal Barbie doll as it lets girls take videos. Reviews say that it is better for outdoor use as opposed to inside the house. If your little girl has seen her mummy or daddy with a camcorder she will absolutely love this Barbie video camera.

Little girls like music from a young age. If your daughter is musical and likes her music then why not spoil her with this sing a long CD player. It is much cheaper than a proper CD player bit it still plays CDs. It also comes with two microphones so that she can sing along with someone else.

This playset is for girls aged 4 upwards and is the 2nd best selling playset on Amazon. Berry Cafe playset includes over 20 baking and food accessories, a spinning bird that Strawberry Shortcake can ride on in the air, and her signature "berry sweet" strawberry scent.

For those with a budget of $100

Fisher-Price learning system is a great way to prepare your kid for school. It is suitable for ages 3-6 and has 6 functions ; Digital Reader, Game Player, Note Pad, Art Studio, MP3 Player and Photo Viewer. It also comes in silver and blue.

Watch her make herself beautiful with this pink vanity set which is suitable for ages 4-9. High Amazon ranking of 4.5 stars. It comes with a sturdy plastic mirror with a light and 3 piece accessory set including mirror, brush, and comb. It comes with a matching 11" stool.

Encourage them to take up a new hobby

This golf set is one way to get your daughter interested in a new sport or hobby such as golf. Children are spending more and more time indoors watching TV and playing video games as opposed to being active and playing sports.

Is your little one a golf fan? Does she admire Tiger Woods and co when they are playing or does her Dad play golf? If she wants to be like her Dad and start learning golf, this junior golf set is a great gift idea. Normally this is priced at $150, but Amazon have currently reduced it to $80. It is very highly rated on Amazon by shoppers with a 5 star rating.

Girls Play Kitchen

Something a little bit more expensive

This is a great kitchen for little girls aged 3 and up. It is so big that several kids can play here at once. The kitchen is bright colored and features Refrigerator , Freezer, Oven, Microwave, Sink and Storage unit.

Here again this has a very high Amazon rating of 4.5 stars and has currently $50 off RRP.

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