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Pink Depression Glass

Updated on September 3, 2016
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Pink Crystal Glass


The Great Depression

The Great Depression started with the October 29, 1929, Black Tuesday stock market crash, was stretched along with the Dust Bowl and lasted until the late 1930’s when WWII boosted the United States and Canadian economies. The Great Depression had a devastating effect on both the rich and the poor. The unemployment rate rose to 25% and the price of crops fell to 60%. The effects were felt around the world.

Federal Emergency Relief Act

Under the leadership of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the New Deal, added a Federal Emergency Relief Act which funded a variety of jobs in agriculture, the arts, construction and education. With the availability of this relief program and the discovery that crystal could be machine made in mass production in 1924 a new glassware came on the scene called “Depression Glass.”

Mass Production of Crystal

With aid for the workers and machines to make it in mass, crystal was distributed to the public through gas stations when you received a fill-up, handed out at businesses for coming in the doors, purchased at low cost at dime stores, placed in soapboxes, oatmeal boxes, flour bags, and detergent boxes as incentives to get people to purchase the crystal. This new glassware was given as prizes at carnivals and fairs.

Depression Glass

Depression glass came in many colors; white (milk glass), green, Cobalt blue, pale blue, amethyst, red, black, Monax, ultramarine, Delphite, yellow, amber and the more popular clear(crystal) and pink. It came in over 100 patterns.

Depression glass from The Great Depression Era will have thick mold lines and contain air bubbles, since quality was not an issue. Some of the patterns have been reproduced which has resulted in a change in size, different mold lines and subtle changes in the patterns.

Pink depression glass is made when selenium is added as a way to decolorize the glass. The time, temperature, concentration, composition, atmosphere of kiln and number of times the glass are melted all effect the actual color of pink.

Common Components of Pink Depression Glass

There are three types of pink depression glass in the picture. What is their common component?

Is it that they are all depression glass?, Could it be that they were made in the same state? Were they all made by the same company? Are they all the same pattern? Were they all made the same year?

Having spend 4 ½ years working in an Antiques/Flea Market and spending many hours on the internet searching out the patterns, designs and prices. These pieces represent some of the information gained from that time of research.

Imperial Cake Stand

Imperial Cake Stand 1/2015
Imperial Cake Stand 1/2015 | Source

Imperial Glass

The first piece is Imperial Glass from Bellaire, Ohio. It is the Hob star and arch pattern. It was made circa 1909. It is pink, crystal glass with the saw tooth cut at the rim and around the base of the stand. It is 12 ½ inches in diameter and stands at 5 ½ inches tall.

Anchor Hocking, Miss America, Berry Bowl

Anchor Hocking, Miss America Berry Bowl 1/2015
Anchor Hocking, Miss America Berry Bowl 1/2015 | Source

Anchor Hocking Glass

Piece number two comes to us from Lancaster, Ohio. It is depression glass. It was made from around 1933 to 1938 by the Anchor Hocking Company. It is pink, crystal glass it has the saw tooth edging at the rim. It is the Miss America pattern. It has four seams where it was pressed. It will flouresce under a UV light due to the use of uranium in the making of the glass. It is 8 inches in diameter and stands at the height of 3 ½ inches.

Jeanette Berry Bowl

Jeanette Berry Bowl 1/2015
Jeanette Berry Bowl 1/2015 | Source

Jeannette Glass

The third pieces is the Sierra Pinwheel pattern from Jeanette Glass Company of Jeanette, Pennsylvania. It is depression glass from the era of 1931 to 1933. It is the rarest of these three items having been made by the Jeanette Glass Company only two to three years. It is pink, crystal glass with an angular pattern. It is 8 inches in diameter and 4 inches in height.

Pink Crystal Glass

Two of these pieces were from Ohio, two were depression glass, and two had the saw tooth cuts on the rim. Consequently, the only two things these pieces have in common is that they are pink and crystal glass.

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