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What would winning the powerball feel like?

Updated on November 24, 2012

Feelings of winning the powerball jackpot

The powerball has risen to $325 million dollars today 11/24/12. There is so much intensity and possibilities of hope and how this would solve alot of problems in the lives of many. But how would you actually feel if you won? Would you even know what to do with it right away? Would you go immediately to a lawyer or a tax accountant or an estate planner? How do you know who you could trust, who wouldn't rip you off? So many questions swirling in the mind.

Beyond the first elation of OMG I actually won. What would you be feeling at that exact moment? Several have said sureal but happy others are afraid of that much money and then others are figuring out ways of making even more. The human emotional spectrum is so broad . Some of the media have done stories on winners in the past and have seen some people lose everything within a few years due to lack of knowledge and others taking advantage of them and just reckless spending.

I think the smart thing would be to tell no one until you have sought legal council and have figured out how much you actually have after taxes and then determine what you will do from that point forward, like what you would want your life to look like? travel? nice home 100%paid off, a seperate account for the taxes you would need to pay each year for your property, charities you would like to donate to (as you would have huge tax right offs as well as helping a charity of your choice). So many options and possibilities.

Now as for how one would feel after winning,hopefully a sigh of relief for financial stability for the rest of your life. The joy and freedom of being able to afford anything your heart desired and an inner peace of knowing how many lives you could help change for the better. I hope some day ,maybe today I can find out how that feels and make a huge difference to many. It would be such a joy to be a philanthropist , like a secret santa, just do it annonymously. It would be so much fun.

Well here is hoping that all of us get to experience winning a big jackpot at least once and to some people that's not the dollar amount but rather the emotional feeling of finding a soulmate or meeting up with a long lost relative or friend or......adinfinitum, but the money would be nice.

All the best to you who have already won your big jackpot of a lifetime and to those yet to win!!!


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