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Where To Buy A Furby: Can I still purchase one?

Updated on July 23, 2012
Is it still possible to buy a furby?
Is it still possible to buy a furby?

I think anybody who grew up in the 90's and beyond will remember the cute creations given the name of 'Furby' (buy one while stocks last by clicking here now) - and when they were first launched in 1998, everyone knew where to buy a furby!

As is the way of the world however, toys go out of fashion, new toys are brought out and the old classics are left behind...

Luckily, there are still places you can get your hands on one if you look in the right places!

The only places left to buy a furby...

The only places you can really buy a furby these days is online. Because the company who first brought them out stopped production in around 2005, they are becoming increasingly difficult to find and more and more expensive the more years that pass.

The best places to buy a furby are places such as:

  • Online shops such as Ebay and Amazon
  • Car boot sales (but you'd be very lucky to find one here)
  • Local advertisements - although it is rare to find a furby actually listed, you can place a 'wanted' ad and the chances are somebody who still has one will respond

What is a furby?

Despite today's technology meaning we can access a huge range of virtual intelligence and interactive toys, when the furby was first launched it was as fresh as a daisy.

A furby is a small, imaginary gremlin-like cuddly toy which is programmed electronically to interact with a child.

When a furby is brand new, they speak a language called 'furbish'.

However, the more a furby is interacted with the more English they slowly begin to pick up - leading to the ability to almost hold very limited conversation with the user.

Why the furby was so popular

One of the main reasons parents were buying their children a furby (a really hot Christmas or birthday present in their day), was because children were fascinated by the idea of being able to 'teach' their toy to speak English.

Of course, the technology was of the sort rarely seen, meaning it was also a novelty for the parents. In today's age however we are seeing this kind of technology advanced ten-fold everywhere we go, meaning a furby would no longer seem exceptional.

But for those who remember the excitement of playing with their very first furby, it is still possible to buy one from select stores online.

The question is, for how long..?


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