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Where To Buy Cheap Star Wars Toys

Updated on December 23, 2011

Despite being released over thirty years ago, the Star Wars franchise continues to be popular with children and collectors alike. While die-hard collectors of Star Wars action figures and toys are probably already aware of the various online options available, parents of younger fans are often only aware of brick and mortar stores, such as WalMart, which can often be overpriced.


For individual figures, Amazon can sometimes be overpriced. However, there are occasionally very good deals for large action figures that you cannot find anywhere else. For example, my brother Gregory purchased a Hasbro "Republic Attack Shuttle", in good condition, for only $24.99 with free shipping. At Walmart, this same product was around $80 with an open box! As you can see, with Amazon you can find some pretty good deals and you have the convenience of perusing a huge collection of toys from the comfort of your own home.

Additionally, manufacturers such as Hasbro often offer deep discounts through Amazon that you will not find anywhere else!

Walmart,Target, and Toys'R'Us

While Walmart and Target often times do not have the best prices on their toys, they do provide a great avenue for vetting the condition of the merchandise. Here you can cherry pick the offerings to ensure that you purchase both the best quality figures and the best conditioned packaging. Additionally, big box retailers often have sales on individual figures. Still, if you are looking for rare or large items, shopping online is probably a better bet. Still, you can occasionally find rare offerings at these retailers!

Toys'R'Us, while often times is more expensive, is another alternative. They tend to have a decent selection and if you make use of any special offers available, you may just find yourself a good deal!


If you are searching for rare or vintage Star Wars collectibles, eBay is a good choice. There is some variability in the quality of items purchased (as they are sold by private individuals) and return policies will not be as good as those offered by larger retailers. Still, eBay will have a selection that is unrivaled by the others and you can occasionally find some very good deals.

How To Find The Highest Quality Toys

When shopping for toys, if you order online from Amazon or one of the major retailers, quality should be acceptable. If it is not, then take advantage of their return policies.

When ordering from eBay, however, it is often times difficult to return items, so it's important to check a few things before purchasing from the seller. Check their feedback first of all, this should usually be over 95%. Next, check to make sure that the item was stored in a smoke-free and pet-free environment. You don't want your collectibles to smell like cigarette smoke or cat urine, do you?! That's about all you can do. :)

When shopping at a brick and mortar retailer, since you are seeing the item in person it should be pretty easy to make a quality decision.

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