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Where To Find Items To Restock In Neopets

Updated on June 30, 2014

What is Restocking?

Restocking is one of the ways many users make Neopoints on Neopets. Restocking is when a user buys items for cheap, and sell them for a profit in their own stores. Items that rarely appear in regular shops are usually the ones users choose to restock, as well as items that can only be obtained through random events, like Lab Pieces. However, you need a decent amount of Neopoints to begin with in order restock these items. In this hub, I will discuss some of the free and cheap places you can find items to restock.


The Money Tree (Free)

The Money Tree is where items from users go when they choose the "Donate" option (excluding wearable items) when in their inventory. The majority of the items donated are items that nobody will buy, garbage, junk, etc. However, some people donate items that sell for cheap, such as books that can be obtained from daily activities. Although these items sell for about 1-3 Neopoints each, they are always one of the first things in my shop that sell. Now of course, this won't make you a Neo-Rich, but in the beginning, every little Point counts.

-The first two rows in the Money Tree is usually garbage from Fishing or other junk, so try not to grab any of that, and if you do, discard it to the Dump (Discard Option instead of Donate).

-You are limited to 10 items per day, the more items you grab, the harder it is to grab another one.

-If you currently have over 20,000 Neopoints on you (not including the Bank or anything), you will not be able to grab any of the rare Neopoint donations!

-The Money Tree is like a first come, first served spot, meaning the first person to click gets the item. Naturally, users with high speed internet will be more likely to succeed. To counter this, try to go to the Money Tree in the late night/early morning Neopets Time (Neopets Time [NST] is the same as Pacific Time [PST]). This is when there are less users on Neopets, so it might be easier to grab items


The Snowager (Free)

The Snowager is a huge ice worm who lives in the Ice Caves in Terror Mountain. In the Ice Caves, there is a special cavern filled with items, and the Snowager guards it 24/7. In most hours of the day, the Snowager is awake, and will prevent you from grabbing any items. Of course, everybody needs to sleep once in a while, so 3 times a day, the Snowager sleeps for 1 hour. During this time, you can try to sneak past and grab and an item. If you succeed, it will show you what item you took, and then tell you to leave before he wakes up. If you fail, three things may happen. If you are lucky, the Snowager might just stir a bit in his sleep, and it will tell you to leave in case he wakes up. If you are unlucky, the Snowager will wake up and shoot a blast of ice at your active Neopet. If you are really unlucky, the Snowager will wake up and blast ALL your Neopets with ice.

The items you can get from the Snowager are random, some are worth a bit more then others. There are also a few exclusive items that can only be obtained from the Snowager. Currently the most valuable item you can get from the Snowager is the Jewelled Negg, worth over 2 Million Neopoints!


-The Snowager is asleep between 6AM-7AM NST, 2PM-3PM NST, and 10PM-11PM NST every day.

-During the month of December, the Snowager hibernates, and is asleep every time you go to his cavern. However, you are limited to 1 item per day during his hibernation.


Prizes At The Battledome (Free/Invest)

The Battledome is where Neopets can fight against NPC who live in the different lands of Neopia, as well as other Neopets (similar to PVP in MMO Games). There are many different challengers your Neopet can face, some are more challenging then others. Also, depending on who you fight, the prizes for winning will be different. Harder opponents tend to have better prizes since your Neopet must be trained well to fight it. However, even with a "weaker" Neopet, you can still get some great items.

Each time you beat a NPC at the Battledome, you gain a Neopoint Prize (a maximum of 1500 per day) and a chance at some items (between 1-3). What those items are depends on who you fought, as well as which arena they are from. There are three "prize" pools where you can get your items from:

General Prizes (No matter where or who you beat, you have a chance at getting any of these prizes): Regular Codestones, Red Codestones, and Weak Bottled Faeries.

Arena-Specific Prizes (Items that can be won from any opponent from that arena): Example: Any opponent fought in Central Arena can give a Can of Neocola when beaten.

Challenger-Specific Prizes (Items that are exclusive to that opponent): Example: Chia Clowns have the rare possibility of giving a Rainbow Paint Brush when beaten.

Unless you are planning to train your Neopet past level 40, sell all the Codestones you get. The cheapest Codestone is the Main Codestone, and it sells for around 2,000 Neopoints each. Codestones sell very quickly too, since many users need them for training. The most valuable Codestone is the Zed Codestone, worth almost 35,000 Neopoints.

It will help to train your Neopet a bit, which is why you might need to invest some Neopoints on training. Dubloons are usually cheaper to use to train then the Codestones, and can only be used until your pet is level 40. Dubloons are awarded from the Anchor Management Daily, from Coltzan's Shrine, from the Forgotten Shore Daily, or bought from other users. Obviously, buying the dubloons are quicker, but cost Neopoints, so its up to you.

You may also gain stats randomly from completing Kitchen Quests, the Lab Ray, random Faerie Quest, Coltzan's Shrine, and Random Events.


-Dubloons are used to train on Krawk Island. Depending on your Neopets level, it will cost either a One Dubloon Coin, a Two Dubloon Coin, or a Five Dubloon Coin to train. Sometimes, it might save you Neopoints to buy several smaller Dubloons and then convert them to larger Dubloons (Example: Buy 2 One Dubloon Coins for 2,000 Neopoints and Convert them to a Two Dubloon Coin, which costs 2,500 Neopoints each).

-Buy some healing potions (that heal around your maximum HP) and use them in between battles, but not during a battle. Have one tab opened with the Battledome screen, and another with your inventory and just refresh the inventory every time you heal.

-Participate in the Battleground of the Obelisk to have a chance at winning items, avatars, and special "boons" that last until the next Obelisk battle.


Forgotten Shore (Free/Invest)

The Forgotten Shore is a hidden shore on Krawk Island, that can only be accessed once you obtain all nine pieces of the Forgotten Shore Map. When all the pieces are in you inventory, you can go to the Treasure Hunt Page and put them together to access the Forgotten Shore.

Every day when you visit the shore, there is a chance that something washed up on to the shore. Usually, it's a pile of Neopoints (2,000 NP, 5,000 NP, or 10,000NP), however, there also might be an item there. There is also the rare chance that a pile of sand is there, which may have a valuable Pirate Draik Egg (worth over 1 Million Neopoints) or a Pirate Krawk Morphing Potion (worth almost 300,000 Neopoints). The Forgotten Shore is considered a Daily once you can access it, so once a day you might find something there.

The Forgotten Shore Map Pieces can be obtained from the Anchor Management Daily, or bought from other users. Out of all the Map Pieces, the Forgotten Shore Pieces are the cheapest to buy. I usually see each piece at most 100 NP each, however they are worth around 20-25 NP each. Even if you buy all 9 pieces for 100 NP each, you will gain that back and a profit if you find a pile of Neopoints on the shore (which is the most common find).

The Discovered Treasure Chest is an item found on the Forgotten Shore. It sells for around 20,000 Neopoints alone, however, when you open it, there is a chance of finding a item worth more then the Chest itself (like Pirate Morphing Potions). It is up to you to take the chance or not.


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Igloo Garage Sale (Invest)

The Igloo Garage Sale is a special shop on the top of Terror Mountain. The items there restock quickly, and are cheaper to find there then in their usual Neopian Shop. Any item with a Rarity 89 or below has the chance of showing up at the Garage Sale. Unlike Neopian Shops, there is no haggling, so you get the item for the amount it is shown. Of course, to make it fair for everyone, you can only buy one item per restock period, and you are limited to 10 items per day.

The Igloo has the chance of restocking many different items, so its a bit difficult to determine which items make the most profit when restocked. Some items, like the bottles of sand, are usually not worth gettng. Even if you get an item that doesn't net you some profit, you most likely paid way less for it at the Igloo then at the Neopian Shops.


Dice-A-Roo (Invest)

Dice-A-Roo is a special game on Roo Island, ran by King Roo himself. It is a luck and chance game, and cost 5 NP per game. It is also very simple. All you have to do is click the Roll Again button to roll the die. Each time you roll, you have the chance of winning or losing Neopoints (in your pot not your actual Neopoints), move on to the next die, gain an item (green die or above), or get a Game Over. The object is to get to the last die (Silver) and win the jackpot (amount varies).

When you win Neopoints in Dice-A-Roo, it doesn't automatically go to you. Every Neopoint earn in the game goes into your pot. Likewise, when you lost Neopoints, they get taken from your pot. When you have at least 1 Neopoint in your pot, you have the option to stop playing and collect the Neopoints in your pot. My advice however, is to just keep playing. Even if you get a Game Over, its worth just to keep playing. Once you get to the Green Die, you have the chance of getting items. The items given are all food items (except the lottery ticket on the Question Mark Yellow Die), and most sell for at least 100 NP each.

Although Dice-A-Roo can be played as much as you want, eventually your Neopets will get bored and won't play anymore. When that happens, you just have to wait until the next day to play again.


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Wheel of Mediocrity

The Wheel of Mediocrity is one of the six wheels of Neopets. It is found in the land of Tyrannia, and cost 100 NP per spin. When spun, you have a chance of winning Neopoints (between 100-4,000), losing a random item in your inventory, something hurting one or all of your Neopets HP, winning a Tyrannian Furniture Item, a Tyrannian PetPet, a random Tyrannian Food, or nothing at all might happen. Most of the spins will win you some Neopoints. Now, even though you are more likely to win Neopoints or lose some HP, the Wheel of Mediocrity is worth it. Not only does it cost less then the Wheel of Excitement or Knowledge, but you can spin it every 40 Minutes. So every 40 Minutes, you have a chance at winning some Neopoints or an item. Comparing this to the Wheel of Excitement (where you are more likely to lose Neopoints by landing on the Question Mark) or the Wheel of Knowledge (where you are more likely to get nothing at all), then it is worth it.

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