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Where to Buy BJD Clothes, Shoes and Accessories

Updated on March 23, 2016
BJD shoes
BJD shoes

Dressing Up Your Dolls

Dressing up a ball-jointed doll is fun activity to do. It can even remove the stress you have from a long hard day from school or work. When putting together an outfit for your doll you can either show your personal style and apply it on your doll's clothes or you can showcase the doll's character by the way you dress it up. Since I am in this hobby for over a year now, I have searched the web for online shops that sells stuffs such as clothing, shoes and accessories for my ball-jointed dolls. I'm also lucky to have a friend whose mom is very good at sewing doll clothes and i get to have some for free. if you have the skill to sew, you might want to try doing your doll's own attire as it's much more cheaper plus it makes it more special. However you can't also avoid admiring what online shops have to offer (as they have a wide selection of cool outfits. Here are some links of shops who sell doll clothing and accessories online:


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      Wentworth 4 years ago


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