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Where to Buy BJD Wigs

Updated on April 9, 2015
Doll wigs are important investment for your ball-jointed doll collecting hobby.
Doll wigs are important investment for your ball-jointed doll collecting hobby.

One essential thing a ball-jointed doll owner should buy is a wig for the doll (unless you intend to have a bald doll - as part of their character). The style of wig you buy for your doll defines their character and their whole style.

Just compare it to a normal human being. If you saw someone who just had a haircut, you will notice instantly that there is a change with the outer aura of that person. The hair could either make them young, mature or can completely turn their personality from sweet or innocent to being more aggressive or sophisticated.

That goes the same with your bjd or even any types of dolls. Doll owners like me base the choosing of the right wig on the character I build up on my doll. This is where I consider the right style for my doll. In my case, one of my dolls has many wigs in different shades, colors, cut and style because my doll's character is a "teen model" who can wear any kinds of hairstyle like for example in a photo shoot.

Other owners prefer to have a regular or normal wig. It really depends on you. Now I've seen several dolls who have nice quality wigs and I've also seen some that doesn't look good on dolls because of its low standard. Of course, when finding a wig, you need to make sure that you but the good quality one. High-quality wigs is typically expensive however I assure you, it's better to pay for a costly doll wig that will last long than paying for a cheap one then later on needing to replace it again because it turned out to be a complete mess, making your doll hobby miserable and stressful.

To help out some doll owners (ball-jointed doll owners to be specific), I've compiled a list of stores/company where you can buy superb quality bjd wigs:


In my opinion, when it comes to wig, Crobidolls offers the best quality. I'm not saying this because I bought one of my dolls from them but because I really love the wigs I bought from this company. When it comes to heat-resistant wigs, this is the company you should check out. The wigs they have lasts long, easy to style and even though I washed it several times, it still looks the same once it is dried. I would say that their wigs are easy to maintain. Plus their service is AMAZING!


If you have an SD girl and wants cute and pretty wigs for her, specifically for bjd dolls with ulzzang, gyaru or sweet style character, this is the perfect place for you to buy your doll's wigs. The quality of wigs they have is superb as well, the actual wig looks the same as shown on the company photo so you won't be disappointed once you receive the item you ordered. The only sad thing here is that most of their wigs are only for SD girls but who knows maybe they'll consider expanding in the future and cater to other sizes and male dolls as well.


Another popular doll company who also sell wigs for dolls is Luts. I don't own any wigs from them however my friend have a couple of wigs she bought from them and I am satisfied with the quality they have. It is somehow similar with the Crobidoll wigs. They also have wide selection of wigs you can choose from and what I like about their wigs is the low maintenance you need to do to take care of them. According to my friend, it's easy to wash and comb and you won't worry about tangles at all.


If you are into pastel color wigs, this company is your Wonka store. This is because you've got a lot of pastel wigs to choose from and if you already have a wig that you love the color yet you want to spice it up a bit by adding highlights, you have the option to buy hair tints from them. Not only do they have pastel wigs, they also have wigs with normal colors like black, brown, ginger. But for someone who have a doll whose character is all about lolita style, then browse on this site and you might just find the wig you're looking for.

There you have it, these are just 4 companies that I would personally buy wigs from. I will be updating this article if ever I bought a wig from another company which I think has a good quality so you can check on this article from time to time if you want.


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