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Where to Buy Cute and Pretty Flasks for Women

Updated on September 1, 2012

Nowadays, flasks are no longer limited to the males of the species. Even women occasionally want their shot of liquor whether it’s during a party, a visit at the club or a girl’s night out. However, this doesn’t mean that girls have to suffer through the same boring flask designs usually reserved for men. There are currently numerous flask designs specially made to have an element of femininity that most females would love.

Following are some of the types of flasks for women available in the market. Amazon is the best place to buy them because of the many choices and varieties they offer, not to mention the great deals on prices.

Pink and Cute Flasks

Nothing screams “girl” like a pink flask. More often than not, this is made from leather with strategic color combinations to make the design more pleasing to the eye. Like most flasks, they come in varying sizes and may contain as much as 8 oz of liquid depending on the model itself. The great thing about pink flasks is that they practically go with any type of dress or clothes worn by women and are currently one of the hottest colors for the year.

Engraved or Personalized Flasks

Engraved flasks are a favorite as bridesmaid’s gifts for a number of reasons. For one thing, they are very easy to get hold of plus the engraved option allows the to-be-married couple to make the flask personalized especially for a specific bridesmaid. This option costs very little but still maintains a touch of elegance in the wedding memorabilia. Engravings in flasks can reach as much as 30 characters, making it a perfect gift to a fellow girlfriend.

Rhinestone Flasks

Perhaps one of the most uniquely designed flasks currently out, rhinestone flasks add a touch of “bling” to the container, making it uniquely outstanding. Rhinestone flasks come in various shapes, sizes and color and are perfect for fashionable women who like to extend their personality to all their items. Rhinestone flasks may boast of cheery pink colors or a black skull design. Regardless of what the makeup is, the rhinestone adds a touch of glitter to the item for added beauty.

Leather Flask

One of the most popular flasks out today, leather flasks is the epitome of durability for the container. The leather itself may be colored from sunny yellow to basic black – sometimes with a touch of design to make the item more attractive. The great thing about leather flasks is that they’re not only a feast for the eyes but also provide excellent texture that makes it a wonderful item to hold.

Stainless Steel Flasks

For those who like it simple, stainless steel flasks are the epitome of durability and sleek elegance. Not featuring much on the department area, they are perfect for those who want something unobtrusive yet remarkable as their container. Stainless steel is also incredibly hardy and is bound to last for a very long time when used.

Of course, women should be aware that these flasks may contain several characteristics at the same time. For example, you might find an engraveable leather-wrapped flask with the body mainly made from stainless steel. For cases like these, just keep in mind what you need and want and you should be able to make the right decision for purchase!


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