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Where to Farm Marcasite in Order and Chaos

Updated on November 25, 2018
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Jade is a gaming enthusiast. She has played video games for many years. Jade enjoys clowning around an engaging in positive vision.

How to Force Spawn Marcisite Ore

There are two main areas where you can farm marcasite, Tear Coast and Swamp of Wyrms. You can also farm it out of the Epic Dungeon chests in the normal dungeons of corresponding area level.

Marcasite is very expensive in the auction house and is sometimes difficult to farm. The trick is to force spawn the ore to increase its spawn rate. Other ores you will run into when farming marcasite are bronze mineral and primal iron.

It is an expensive ore to buy in the auction house. You want to save every bit of this you mine and find in chests. The best place to farm it is zone farming the far north of Tear coast and far south of Swamp of Wyrms. There is now a corredor that link the two as to avoid teleporting.

The trick to force spawn ore is to farm a large area, and quickly. Plus, mine all of the ore that you see, not just what you want or need. After one or two full circles of your target area, it should be spawning much faster. Or, farm with a friend.

You may farm a primal ore, and either a primal ore or Marcasite will spawn someplace else. Or either ore may spawn in the spot you just mined. Farming only one type of ore, limits the spawn rates.

Miners Marcasite Map

Tear coast ore map. The larger the cloud, the more ore in the area. The red cloud is ore in areas with high level epics, so be careful up there.
Tear coast ore map. The larger the cloud, the more ore in the area. The red cloud is ore in areas with high level epics, so be careful up there. | Source

Example of Marcasite Ore

Marcasite Order and Chaos
Marcasite Order and Chaos | Source

What is Marcasite For?

Marcasite ore is the main ore used during intermediate foundry.

All ore stacks to 40 including Marcasite.

There are patterns that use Marcasite to create weapons and armor. High Quality Armor scraps are the complementary armor scraps for these patterns.

You will use quality flux, which you can buy at a vendor in Greenmont.

The foundry vendor is located in the building in the corner between the gem merchant and the stables.

There are at least 10 patterns that require Marcasite.

This is the stage at which foundry becomes frustrating.

People often ask if it is worth it to level foundry. The patterns themselves do not seem worth it.

However, you will not be able to get PvE epics unless you get your Foundry to Legendary.

Leveling foundry is manditory. Carefully move through each stage and make sure to finish each pattern.

You can purchase foundry in the Nick Shop, too.

Foundry Marcasite Needs Chart

Estimate of ore Needed
Regular Marcasite Gloves
Marcasite 2 / High Quality Armor Scraps 2
Regular Marcasite Boots
Marcasite 4 / High Quality Armor Scraps
Regular Marcasite Helment
Marcasite 6 / High Quality Armor Scraps 2
Regular Marcasite Chestplate
Marcasite 8 / High Quality Armor Scraps 3
Shiny Iron Lonsword
Marcasite 8
Easily Rusted Axe
Marcasite 12
144 - 156
Shiny Iron Hammer
Marcasite 22
Shiny Iron Rapier
Marcasite 30
BLUE Heavy Marcasite Axe
Marcasite 44/ Master Sergeants Symbol
PURPLE Reinforced Heavy Marcasite Axe
Marcasite 50 / Heavy Marcasite Axe 1 / Essence of Beast 1
Some Patterns are drops from enemies. All Patterns call for flux, which is sold at the material vendor. Skill level does not always rise when a new pattern is used to make gear.

How to Level Foundry Fast

You could purchase an Ancient Slabstone of Foundry from the Nick shop.

Marcasite spawns less than Bronze and Primal Ore.

Marcasite is blue and sometimes looks like Primal Ore.

You will need around 1104 marcasite to move through this stage. That is 28 stacks of Marcasite.

It will be up to you if it is worth the runes for the Slabstone.

On some servers, 28 stacks would take 28 hours of farming or up to (or more) 2800 Gold.

There is often an issue with space. This is why you must make an alt to store all of the ore and armor scraps on until you are ready to use them.

It is easier and cheaper to make an alt to store them on. I know the urged to sell them can be high, but you may regret this down the road.

Marcasite and Foundry

Inside this building is where you buy flux and foundry patterns in Order and Chaos.
Inside this building is where you buy flux and foundry patterns in Order and Chaos. | Source

Extra Info About Leveling Foundry

Marcasite spawn locations are all under level 30.

I really recommend leveling up foundry as you go. As soon as you are high enough level to farm the ore, it needs to be farmed.

If you choose to farm in the Swamp of Wyrms, you need to be very careful in Arkans field.

This area spawns a nice amount of Marcasite but is also a very dangerous PVP area on most servers.

There are plenty of non-PVP places to farm. You can skip this area entirely if the PVP in Arkans field gets too rough.

While you are getting this ore, make sure to pick up the primal ore too.

It spawns more often, but it is nice to save it up and then be able to quickly move through the next stage.

The armor scraps you need, are high quality and those are best farmed near the Silent Castle.

You will probably collect enough ore before you have the scraps, which is where your alt will come in.

Camping Marcasite Ore

Marcasite ore will not spawn in any other place than Tear Coast and Swamp of Wyrms.

I tell people not to camp ore, because it is not worth it.

You could wait 6 to 8 hours for another ore to respawn in the same spot.

Farming this ore means traveling to all of the spawn spots and checking each one.

Remember that ore is more likely to spawn along rocks and mountains.

When you farm ore, make sure you stay around the edges of the map, and the cliff faces.

Sometimes ore is even hidden in the mountain sides.

If you stay on the road, you are going to miss most of the ore spawn locations in Tear Coast and the Swamp of Wyrms.

© 2014 Jade Griffin


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