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Where to Get Skylanders Giants

Updated on September 12, 2013

Where are the best places to get Skylanders Giants?

Skylanders Giants is one of the biggest video games of the year, but where are the best places to get these figures? Skylanders Giants are found both online and in stores. The benefits of buying online is that you will probably have a much bigger selection of characters to choose from. The disadvantage however is that you have to pay for shipping costs. Buying in stores, you can see exactly what you are getting, but if you know anything about Skylanders you know that the most popular characters often disappear quickly off the shelves. Hopefully this hub will help you when you are looking to buy Skylanders, and give you a better idea of how to search for those figures you really want to get your hands on. New to the video gaming world Disney Infinity has just hit the stores, more information on this to follow


Where To Get Skylanders Online ?

There are many different places to get Skylanders online. Major retailers such as Toy's R Us, Target, Walmart, Best Buy and Gamestop all have online shopping, and have a good range of Skylanders to choose from. Other sites such as Amazon and Ebay probably have the biggest selections of Skylanders available, they often have Skylanders that have not been released yet in stores. However, bear in mind that those Skylanders that are in demand are often very expensive.

Skylanders Giants on Amazon

Skylanders Giants: Hot Head Giants Character
Skylanders Giants: Hot Head Giants Character

The Fire Giant, Skylanders Hot Head


Where To Get Skylanders Giants In Stores ?

Skylanders Giants are available at many major retailers. Toy's R Us is probably the retailer with the biggest selection of Skylanders. Most Toy's R Us stores have a large range of Skylandesr Giants products on display. Both Target and Walmart have very good selections of Skylanders Giants. The video games store GameStop has a decent sized range of Skylanders on sale. Best Buy, a store that specializes in Electonics also hasa good range of Skylanders Giants merchandise.

In addition to these major retailers of Skylanders Giants, some other stores have smaller ranges of the figures. Sams Club has a small selection of Skylanders. I noticed my local Ralphs store had some Skylanders Figures in around Black Friday. There are still a few remaining!


What Do I Need To Play Skylanders Giants?

When the Skylanders Giants game launched in October there was a lot of confusion over what you actually needed to play the new video game. Many people didn't realize that Giants was a brand new game, and thought that they could buy the new Giant figures and play them on the old Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. Consequently there were a lot of disappointed customers! The displays in stores did not seem to help the situation, especially as Skylanders Spyro's Adventure figures were mixed with Giants figures in the displays.

Basically in order to play Skylanders Giants, you need the Skylanders Giants video game. There are two ways to purchase this, depending on whether you already have Skylanders: Spyro's Adventures. Those people who are completely new to Skylanders need a Skylanders Giants Starter pack. Those people who already have the first Skylanders game need a Skylanders Giants Portal Owner Pack.


What Is A Skylanders Giants Starter Pack ?

The Starter Pack for Skylanders Giants is for those people new to Skylanders. It contains the video game, a Portal of Power (this is the interface that connects the Skylanders Figures to the video game), 3 Skylanders figures, stickers, a poster, and webcodes.

The Starter pack for Wii, Wii U, XBox 360 and Playstation 3 contains a Giant Skylander called Tree Rex (A Life Giant), a brand new figure called Jet-Vac ( An Air Skylander) and a Series 2 Cynder (An Undead Skylander). A Series 2 Skylander figure is one that was in the first Skylanders game called Spyro's Adventure, and has been reposed, often with different weapons for the Giants game.

The Starter Pack for the 3DS contains Tree Rex, Cynder and Punch Pop Fizz, instead of Jet-Vac. Punch Pop Fizz is a special edition red version of Pop Fizz.

Skylanders Giants Starter Pack on Amazon

What Is The Skylanders Giants Portal Owner Pack?

The Portal Owners Pack is for those people who already have Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. If you already have the first game, then you already have a Portal of Power, so there is no point buying the Starter Pack. This is the reason why Activision came up with the Portal Owners pack, which contains the Skylanders Giants Video Game, one Giant Skylander Tree Rex, a poster, stickers and webcode.

Which Skylanders Are Available Now ?

We have now had 3 official waves of Skylanders figures released in stores and online. If you are already familiar with Skylanders you will know that Activision never release the figures all at once. Here is an up to date list of the Skylanders Giants figures you can find. Some of these figures are available in single characte packs, other are found in triple character packs.

Giant Skylanders

Giant Skylanders are about twice the size of regular Skylanders, and light up when placed on or near the Portal of Power. There are 8 in total, one for each of the Skylander Elements, but only 5 are available in stores. 2 are available in small quantities on Amazon.

Tree Rex - Life Giant (part of the Starter and Portal Owner Pack)

Bouncer - Tech Giant

Legendary Bouncer - A Special Legendary Version Of Bouncer

Crusher - Earth Giant

Granite Crusher - Special version of Crusher sold at Target, can be found online too

Swarm - Air Giant

Hot Head - Fire Giant

Not available yet in store, but in small quanities online are:

Ninjini - Magic Giant

Thumpback - Undead Giant

LightCore Skylanders

LightCore Skylanders light up when placed on or near the Portal Of Power. There are 4 LightCore Skylanders on sale at present (ther are 8 in total). They are:

LightCore Drobot - A Tech Figure

LightCore Jet-Vac - An Air Figure

LightCore Eruptor - A Fire Figure

LightCore Prism Break - An Earth Figure

Brand new Skylanders

There are 8 totally new regular Skylanders in the Giants game. Only are available now:

Fright Rider - An Undead Figure

Pop Fizz - A Magic Figure

Chill - A Water Figure

Shroomboom - A Life Figure

Sprocket - A Tech Figure

Hot Dog - A Fire Figure is not yet available in stores, but can be found in small number online on Amazon and Ebay

Flashwing - An Earth Figure

Brand New Figure In Skylanders Giants On Amazon

Series 2 Skylanders Giants

Series 2 Skylanders are characters from Spyro's Adventure, the first Skylanders game, that have been reposed for the second game. The figures released so far are:

Zook - A Life Figure

Whirlwind - An Air Figure

Terrafin - An Earth Figure

Slam Bam - A Water Figure

Ignitor - A Fire Figure

Trigger Happy - A Tech Figure

Double Trouble - A Magic Figure

Flameslinger - A Fire Figure

Gill Grunt - A Water Figure

Sonic Boom - An Air Figure

Drill Sergeant - A Tech Figure

Hex - An Undead Figure

Bash - An Earh Figure

Legendary Skylanders Giants

There are a number of Legendary Skylanders figure that have been released so far, These include:

Legendary Stealth Elf

Legendary Slam Bam

Legendary Ignitor

Legendary Jet-Vac

Thanks for Visiting This Hub!

Thank you for visiting our Hub all about Skylanders Giants. Hopefully this will help you know where to get Skylanders Giants, Please visit us again to see if any more Skylanders Characters have been released.


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