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Where to Watch Starcraft 2 Casts - eSports Professional Competitive Gaming

Updated on July 20, 2012

Starcraft 2 Casted Gaming

Where to Watch StarCraft 2 Professionals and Tournament Play

If you have never watched an exciting eSports game and enjoy playing video games either on a console gaming system or a PC you should check out a match of Starcraft 2 from one of the sites below. Starcraft 2 is a Real Time Strategy game that requires the players to do economic activities (harvesting minerals and gas) and military activities (building marines and more and shooting at stuff) in order to beat their opponent who is trying to do the same things with their race. Just search Starcraft into youtube will let you encounter tons of really good starcraft 2 related content and games from many well known casters such as Husky Starcraft and Total Biscuit that providing entertaining commentary about the games. You can also stumble into videos like the TLO Ownage video below when LiquidTLO a well known professional gamer in Starcraft 2 that demonstrates funny playing styles to crush lower level players utilizing a variety of units in the game.

Many of the professional competitive gamers stream their play on services like and you can search through the streams using a few different places. The Team Liquid website has a list of streams that are currently available as well as a list of other current notable tournament matches. There is also web forums with details about where to go and watch other tournament matches and just casted Starcraft 2 ladder matches.

Another source of fun casts and announcements about starcraft tournament casts is to check out this starcraft community. Leave in the comments any of your favorite casters that should be linked to or other sites that aggregate casts easily for viewing.

Starcraft 2 - Casted Game of TLO

SC2 Casts

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SC2Casts - Lots of Casted Pro Games and Tournament Matches

SC2Casts is a website that has aggregated lots of casted games by different game casters in the Starcraft 2 community. The interface is simple to use and you can just begin watching matches. Each game is tagged for the battle type by race so you can look for the types of match ups you are looking to watch. The players names and the number of games is if it is multiple round match is listed. There is a few different ways to browse the site to see the exact types of matches you want or follow specific casters or gamers that you enjoy watching.

SC2casts also has an iPhone app that allows you to watch eSports from your mobile phone. Plug in your headphones and watch a starcraft 2 match while your out and about and need 10 to kill 10 minutes. The app has similar functionality to the website and provides access to lots of youtube hosted starcraft 2 casts.

Warp Prism Starcraft 2 casts

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Now Teevox Warp Prism - Starcraft 2 Professional Game Streams

Check outTeevox to watch and flip through lots of professional gamer streams of their starcraft 2 matches of custom games, ladder matches and tournament games. Many pros occassionaly stream their games on services like Justin.TV but Warp prism has aggregated the streams and provides them all right in one easy to use dashboard that allows you to look at other games that are streaming while watching a match and switch quickly to watch another stream. It is often hard to track lots of different players when they are streaming and when they are not , so looking quickly through Warp Prism will give you a good idea of who is streaming and what Starcraft 2 matches you can watch at the moment. In between games you can quickly change to another cast and watch a different gamer.

Most of these games of the professionals streaming are done with music in the background so you can find someone that likes you similar style of music and enjoy watching a stream while doing other casual activities on the computer. Some of the pro will discuss their game as they go and there are others that do live casts of others games and get analytical about the game.

Day 9 Starcraft Analysis and Commentary

If you enjoy playing or watching starcraft 2 casted matches and do not watch the videos by Sean "Day 9" Plott, you really need to do so. The Day 9 dailies are full of just awesome Starcraft Videos one after another. The Funday Monday episodes are just pure laughter at times, Day 9 puts a restriction on the videos that the audience can submit replays from their own games doing the funday monday challenge, like make mass queens, or expand every 5 minutes in the game, and many other great challenges. Their often is a few lower level replays in the mix and hilarity ensues from the way that Day 9 likes to point out certain aspects of the game play.

Check out the daily 100 below to learn more about Day 9 and Starcraft in general. Don't miss these casts by Day 9, not only are they entertaining but these videos above anyone other collection provide more insight and analysis of the competitive side of Starcraft. Day 9 breaks the game down into the smallest details and always encouraging players to find unique ways to scout, build armies, and attack their opponents.

There is now over 480 dailies to help you become a better gamer, that is over 1 full month of content, thats a lot of SC2 to watch.

Day 9 Daily 100

When Cheese Fails - Lifes a Glitch TV

Starcraft 2 is about having fun playing a video game and Life a Glitch TV really captures that spirit of having fun while playing and in their instance casting Starcraft 2 matches. Instead of the traditional pro gamer casting focus, they look at games from the starcraft 2 gaming community that is submitting a game to be casted by the hosts Nova War and Maximus Black. The twist is they focus on cheese, cheese defined as an early very aggressive build and attack in starcraft that is typically an all in strategy if it works you win in the opening minutes of the game, if it fails you loose miserably and loose fast. Cheese can be a fun way to play a game of starcraft as it can frustrate an opponent while provide an excitement of not knowing if you are going to live or die. The videos When Cheese Fails is an awesome example of cheese builds and how to effectively deal with them and make them fail, there is also several just videos in their archive of cheesers doing stupid things even for a cheeser. Go check out their videos and smell the Parmesan or is it some provolone.

When Cheese Fails - Funny Starcraft 2 Casting Excellent SC2 Information and Streams

The wellplayed website is full of great Starcraft information and also an excellent way to watch the streams of all your favorite SC2 players.


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