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Where to find Webkinz - New, Used & Rare

Updated on March 23, 2011

WebKinz Horse

Crazy Collectors Pay $$$ for Webkinz

Finding New and Used Webkinz

Click Here to See What I came up with when I searched for Webkinz on Ebay

I search Ebay first to buy Webkinz, for a number of reasons, but mostly because sellers from all over the world come to ebay to sell anything and everything. You will find New,Used and Rare Wenkinz on Ebay. Amazon also.

So lets say you cant find your Webkinz on Ebay or Amazon, Now what?

Heres what I have learned, post an ad for the Webkinz you are looking for on Craigslist in the wanted section. Probably the easiest way to find anything ! Post the exact rare Webkinz you are looking for.

Rumored Webkinz to Retire

Webkinz are next in line to be retired behind the Cheeky Dog, Cheeky Cat, Gorilla, Unicorn, Gold & White Cat, Basset Hound, Horse, Pegasus, St. Bernard, Gray and White Cat, Lil Kinz Unicorn, & Lil Kinz Gorilla. This list is updated constantly.

1. Frog

2. Pig

3. Cow

4. Monkey

5. Black Bear

6. Golden Retriever

7. Cocker Spaniel

8. White Poodle

9. Black & White Cat

10. Tiger

11. Cheeky Monkey

Visit The Official Webkinz Website


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    sierra 9 years ago

    i think it is very cute.