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Where to Find Free Printable Games for a Baby Shower Online

Updated on July 20, 2012

Printable Shower Game


Free Printable Games for the Baby Shower

When you are already planning for the baby, buying baby products and maternity clothes is already expensive enough. Then, there is the baby shower to look forward to so you can get those baby products that you need as well, but you already have to buy the cake and what not. If you are trying to figure out of what you are going to do for games to play at the baby shower you are in luck, you can print out free things online.

Having a baby shower is supposed to be a celebration of your baby that you’re carrying inside you. You share that celebration with your friends and family, along with playing some games at the baby shower. Here are some websites that you can print out free games to play.

This website has tons of lists to choose from to play baby shower game for free. One of the fun games to play is called the “Baby Shower Bingo” ( and they have ten bingo games to choose from. Whoever calls out “BINGO” is the winner!

At have great free games to play that you can print out. If anyone loves board games will like “Scramble” ( then they would love to play this game. The person who has the most spot-on answers wins. is a really neat website that gives you ideas of what games you can play. One of the fun games that you can play is called “Name That Tune.” ( The guests will divide into teams, and have each of the teams to think of many songs as they possibly can with the word “Baby” in the song. After a specific time, each team will have a list. You can share with them on how the scoring is determined. If they read the list they will get 1 point if they sing a couple of bars the will receive five points. Whatever team with the most points wins!

At this website you will find a lot of fun games to play along with baby shower ideas. One of the fun games on here is called “Scavenger Hunt”( where you can print out these cards and follow the directions of what you have to find. On this website also gives you the key answers so you know where to hid things or the right answer when someone else gets it right. Whoever gets to the scavenger hunt ending wins the game.

Games and Invites for Baby Shower!

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