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Where to get super rare squishies

Updated on August 15, 2011

The super cute squishies

Squishies are today, a possession of pride for any kid. At a time when most dictionaries have not yet accepted their spelling, squishies are making a revolution in the toy world. The reason is simple. They are cheap. Parents are happy. They are cute. Children are happy too! But it's not just the cute factor, which makes a child go crazy for a squishy. With the inception of the, a website that allows children all over the world to play cute games with squishies and many more tiny creatures, squishies sales have reached the peak.

5 reasons why you should buy your child a squishy

  1. One undeniable advantage is that they are the most affordable toy that would make your child happy. They are so cheap that even if you arrange for a squishy shower, your pocket will be saved.
  2. The term "squishies" was first restricted to rubber pencil toppers. But today, hardly any child puts it on a pencil. Squishies have all requisites to form a safe and educative collectible for your growing child.
  3. They are so appropriate for a gift. Be it Christmas or just a party, a vending machine filled with colorful squishies is always an attraction. In such cases, buying squishies in wholesale would be a wise idea.
  4. Most squishies that you buy come with a secret code that can unlock a surprise in the sqwishland game.
  5. Above all, the pleasure of listening to your child pronounce "squesheeees" innocently is ebough to convince you to get more and more squishies!

Squishies build your child's personality!

  • This may rather sound ridiculous for all those who thought squishies to be mere play toys. But a collection of rare squishies can help your child learn the art of keeping things safe. For a child every single squishy is a valuable addition to its collection. So no child will afford to lose one.
  • Generally, children like their friends' toys better than theirs. They smartly trade their rare squishies for another rare one. They learn their first lesson in Management right there!
  • Squishies are the coolest way to introduce your child to the animal world.
  • Squishies can earn your child a lot of friends too. Get him/her squishies and he/she will never be left alone!


Sea Mania squishies at the Golu festival

Squishies come in diverse categories which includes the famous Sea Mania 1 and 2 , Jungle Mania, Zoo mania 1 and 2. Sea Mania is my personal favorite and the most realistic looking of all. I planned to buy sea mania squishies to set up a toy fish tank in our "Navrathri Golu"- a traditional 9 day Indian festival of toys. Wherever I went, I was in the look out for tiny and chubby toy animals, but they either weren't chubby or they weren't tiny. It was a time when squishies were not very popular and so getting a rare yet cheap squishy was not so easy. I did so much research and bought sea mania that this entire hub is out of my knowledge gained at that time.

The tank with squishies was the center of attraction at the Golu. Friends and neighbours were so impressed that they ordered many squishies for the next Golu. From then on, the soft pink pigs, the cute white elephants and the playful monkeys from the Zoo mania collection have never been missed out in the Golu display! The squishy white cow is garlanded with all due respect, as cow is the sacred animal in India. It was beautiful to see a western toy blend so well with the eastern tradition.

Take a look at some collections

Tips to start a squishy collection

Amazed at how people manage to collect hundreds of squishies? With these tips, even you can help your child have a great collection!

  • Every squishy collection should have pet animals, elephant, pig, dog, monkey, and dolphin(Zoo mania collection). You will easily get them dead cheap online.
  • Once you collect upto 5 squishies, find a good place in the drawing room and make your child display them using a handmade setting like grass or building blocks or clay. Never forget to show the display to your guests. This will give your child a sense of accomplishment.
  • Then go on and keep a watch on the rare ones. Amazon sells rare squishies at a very nominal cost.
  • Do not buy all collections at one stroke. Purchasing all 6 creatures of sea mania is cheaper than buying individual pieces. So, even if you buy the entire collection, give them to your child one by one so that it values each and every squishy and keeps them safe.
  • If your child is interested in the game, then before you buy, look out for squishies that come with a secret code to the game.

Really rare squishies!

Gone are the days when ocean mania  was the most celebrated newbie in the squishy world. Barnyard Farm animals, right from the sqwishland game are selling really hot. The main attraction is the set of game codes that can unlock some cool stuff in the game. Five animals, sheep, bull, goat, rooster and horse have been made with utmost clarity using non-toxic rubber. But what I don't like is that, unlike other squishies, some of the not-so-rare ones look dull. Rare ones in Amazon really rock!


Swamp squishies- Latest release

The latest release and the collection that I am waiting to buy is the set of swamp animals from Branyard. I'm waiting to find a cheap place to buy them. They are named Alvin the Alligator, Sally the Salamander, Stanley the Snake, Olivia the Otter, Peter the Possum. Really jealous of today's kids. They get to play with animals whose names I dread to hear!

Useful resources for rare toys

Check out my hub on rare pencil toppers and squishies for more information.

This is a reliable place to buy the rare Monster High Doll Clawdeen online.

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