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Which Call of Duty?

Updated on April 12, 2013

Call of Duty

The Call of Duty game series have defined a generation. Since the initial WW2 oriented games to Modern Warfare and now Black Ops the gameplay is changing with each release, new weapons, vehicles, fun stuff! To make the whole game a longer lasting experience.

So, simple question for you?

Which Call of Duty game is your favourite? Take a moment to think about it, how many hours you've dedicated to each? Have you loved or hated the campaigns? Did you not even try them? Which had the best multiplayer maps? Which game was it that got you hooked on the franchise and made you disappear from friends and families for days? Which had the best, must have DLC?

When you think back through the games which one is it that you first think of?

Which Call of Duty is your favourite?

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So which was it?

So now that you've had a think about it, what was the deciding factor. Was it the time spent charging across the battlefield, checkpoint after checkpoint, until mission complete. Or was it sniping hapless players from the other side of the map and watching them respawn over and over?

Or if you haven't played them all have you spotted something that you fancy trying.

For me it's campaigns, I think I like to see if there's a plot, or if it's just point and shoot. Probably not.


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