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Which Final Fantasy Girl Are You?

Updated on April 12, 2015
Various Final Fantasy girls
Various Final Fantasy girls | Source

Final Fantasy's Ladies

Every Final Fantasy game features girls with kind hearts, brave souls, and odd hair colors. Some are so compassionate, so powerful, so inspiring that they.. actually have a last name. Yea, that kind of comes and goes in this series. Well, we've played as them, befriended them, helped them accomplish their dreams - now, we get to see which one best suits us. Take the quiz below to find your match, then we'll review some of the incredible women from Final Fantasy!

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Which girl are you?

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Good, now that we know your match, we can browse the results, and some notable quotes, below.

Rydia | Source


You are the hopeful Rydia, encountered in Final Fantasy 4. Even as a young child, you were forced into battle to defend your friends and family. After your mother was killed, you resolve to eliminate the evil forces in the world that ordered her demise, and spend your life fighting against darkness. You cannot stand discrimination, and have a soft spot for children. Also, you are gifted with magic, focusing on offensive spells, and are adept at summoning eidolons to help you battle. Your past is marred with tragedy, but you look forward to the future, and are bright, energetic, and caring. Like most summoners, you aren't adept at brawling, but your magic talents more than make up for it.

Quotable: "All that matters is what's inside us."

Yuffie Kisaragi
Yuffie Kisaragi | Source

Yuffie Kisaragi

A Final Fantasy girl with normal hair and a last name? You're really something. As a youthful and energetic ninja from Final Fantasy 7, you work to save the planet from evil.. and maybe pilfer a few treasures along the way. You act in a tomboyish manner, and you're always looking to overcome your next challenge. You are proud of your heritage, and hope to glorify your homeland. You are adept at battling from any range, and utilize large shuriken. You're an agile combatant, but you have a vulnerability to motion sickness.

Quotable: "Just give me 3 minutes with those guys! No, make it 2. Well, maybe 3... or 4. Well it really depends on how many there are. But I think if there was 5 I could probably take them in 2, or 2 in 5, or 3 in 4... "

Garnet | Source


You are the modest Garnet, found in Final Fantasy 9. Raised as a princess, you were educated, but wanted to see more of the outside world. Eventually, you find a group to travel with, and begin to explore new environments. Taking a new name, Dagger, and a new hairstyle, you adapt to unfamiliar places while retaining your sense of duty and compassion. Some call you naïve, but your sharp mind and open heart earns you many allies. In battle, you are physically frail, but capable of summoning powerful Eidolons to attack foes. Additionally, you are nimble and skilled with healing magic, so foes would do well to not underestimate you.

Quotable: "Someday I will be Queen, but I will always be myself."

Lulu | Source


You are the serious sorceress Lulu, seen in Final Fantasy 10. You grew up loved by your friends, and you fell in love with a young man. Tragedy struck when a giant beast attacked your town, and his life was lost; this fueled your desire to become the "guardian" of a summoner whom you believe can defeat the beast. You are cold, harsh, and scornful; however, you are also caring and open-minded. You adorn yourself with dark makeup and clothes, caring not what others think of you. To protect your companions, you have mastered black magic, powerful spells to ravage enemies, though your physical abilities are somewhat lacking. Despite your tough exterior, within you rests a heart of gold.

Quotable: "You don't want to finish that sentence."

Ashe | Source


You are the dedicated princess Ashe from Final Fantasy 12. It's no wonder you prefer a nickname; your full title reads Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca. To hide your identity, you often disguise yourself as Amelia. You have experienced tremendous loss in your life; your parents, husband, and country have all been stolen from you, and you work tirelessly to regain your throne. You are dedicated and serious, though memories of your deceased loved ones can cause you to open up. You are proficient with many weapons, seeming to favor a sword. An adaptive battler, you adjust fighting styles to fit the situation at hand, and can use magic to strike from afar. You are eager for revenge; just try not to let your anger cloud your ideals.

Quotable: "I am simply myself. No more and no less. And I want only to be free."

Serah Farron
Serah Farron | Source

Serah Farron

You are the mature Serah Farron, seen in Final Fantasy 13. Despite your youth, you display wisdom beyond your years. You believe in the goodness of mankind, yet aren't naïve. Your kindness and level head have given you many admirers, one of whom you are in love with and engaged to. You are fond of your friends and family, and try to settle any disputes between them. You enjoy spending time with children, and work as a teacher. Still, whenever danger threatens your home, you rise to the challenge to protect what you hold dear, using your skills with a bow and magical abilities to conquer adversaries.

Quotable: "I'll make it through, all day, every day."

More Final Fantasy ladies
More Final Fantasy ladies | Source

What's Next?

I hope you enjoyed discovering which one of these fantasy ladies corresponds to you. Remember that there are many more Final Fantasy girls; kindly look forward to upcoming quizzes and countdowns. Thanks for reading!

Up for another quiz? You can discover which Guardian Force (powerful summon) from Final Fantasy 8 best fits you here!


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