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Which Future Is Better: Black Ops 3 or Infinite Warfare?

Updated on October 28, 2017
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Which futuristic vision is better: Infinite Warfare or Black Ops 3?
Which futuristic vision is better: Infinite Warfare or Black Ops 3?

The Future is Bright

Titanfall 2. Destiny 2. Overwatch. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. If there is any enjoyment in wondering the lands/skies of the future, then all of these next-generation console video-games have something unique to offer.

Really, this post is about the competition between Black Ops 3 and Infinite Warfare for their futuristic settings. Even more so specific - is that we are only exploring the online game modes for these two competing Call of Duty titles, Black Ops 3 launched in 2015, and Infinite Warfare launched a year later in 2016. These games have been heavily criticised on the internet purely for their futuristic settings, as the Call of Duty community could not stomach the thoughts of their beloved boots-on-the-ground IP switching to alternate futuristic mechanics. Nonetheless, all is not lost, since both of these titles are swimming with multiplayer entertainment that will pack a punch for your reasonably low fee of around about £15.00 retail price at this point in their respective life-cycles (maximum - 2 years for Black Ops 3).

Before moving on, it is perhaps worth quickly mentioning that Titanfall 2 is a great multiplayer IP title, with its multiplayer falling into far competition from the Call of Duty futuristic setting and gameplay, making the Titanfall 2 multiplayer experience stand out from the crowd. The games multiplayer focuses on a larger map space for the use of giant robots that can be controlled by players in-game, and the experiences with the player by themselves is somewhat epic.

Destiny 2 follows straight on where the first Destiny’s story left-off, but there has been strong arguments for the games multiplayer focusing on the idea that anyone can be a fast winner, with there not being options to change the difficulty setting. A minor argument in the grand scheme of things, as the multiplayer has seen rave reviews from gaming critics and the larger audiences. There is customisable characters, uniforms, weaponry, and the fun can be furthered by inviting friends to help you journey through the Destiny (2) universe.

Overwatch is another futuristic game title that has been widely loved by audiences in the mass sector. The games multiplayer is somewhat unique, focusing more on the character experience than the extensive battling options for dominating the match. This game is perhaps less competitive when compared to Destiny 2, but there is certainly a futuristic next-generation game for everyone, and Overwatch has become the number one selling game for 2016, so they must have done something right.

Down to ‘post’ business, now heading over to the versus competition between Black Ops 3 and Infinite Warfare:

Quick pro-quo Call of Duty futuristic background: The Call of Duty franchise began through the making of World War 2 era single player campaigns, and this lasted for three games, as the fourth instalment shifted its focus to the modern day war grounds, and put an extensive push on game engine innovations to form the epic multiplayer experience in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The multiplayer became a key feature for the Call of Duty franchise moving forward, but things took a turn to the future in 2014 with the first next-generation (PS4, Xbox One) Call of Duty title, and the first fully futuristic set COD game, Advanced Warfare. The Advanced Warfare title changed the gaming mechanics, and the games online space was something that players had never experienced before, with jet-pack boost jumping, wall running, and the new futuristic elements to the multiplayer experience (weaponry, kill streaks, map designs, etc.).

However, it would be the 2015 Call of Duty launch of Treyarch’s Black Ops 3 that would truly redefine the franchise for the first time. Lots of the Call of Duty community held off on buying Advanced Warfare a year prior to the release of Black Ops 3 due to overall disappointment with the games direction into the distant future. Treyarch is a much more established Call of Duty developing studio than Sledgehammer Games (the developing studio behind Advanced Warfare), as they made World at War (2008), Black Ops (2010), Black Ops 2 (2012), and finally, Black Ops 3 in 2015. Black Ops 3 head designer (community leader), @DavidVonderhaar, has his Twitter page blowing up with more than 1.2 million subscribers, an insane amount of loyal fan following for the Black Ops 3 title (now 2 years old).

Black Ops 3 - The Definitive Futuristic Setting for Call of Duty

Black Ops 3 had perhaps the worst single player campaign that Call of Duty has ever seen, and this is largely due to their third Black Ops instalment not actually carrying on from where the previous instalment left off. This may have been down to timing, as the future had gone way past the story development stage of its second Black Ops instalment, or perhaps the developers simply wanted a unique futuristic fresh start for the title. Who knows? Well, the fans certainly do, as everyone has expressed a distaste for the Black Ops 3 single player campaign, and this may be the reason why Treyarch Studios decides to start fresh next year when their new instalment is set for release.

As stated earlier, this post is all about the multiplayer functioning experiences, and so it comes with a heavy heart that the decision has been made to completely ignore the single player experiences in the third Black Ops instalment. The multiplayer is everything a Black Ops 2 online fan could have hoped for in the sequel, as it was just as fun (game-engine-wise), if not better. The multiplayer competitive ranking mode is such fun, as is the actually experience in ranking up on your account, as every player is getting entirely immersed into the never ending gameplay challenges of defeating the enemy player team. There is now wall running, so that can be fun. Often times the enemy player will not notice your guy running to the high side of the left hand wall, and it can be serious fun when peaking down to see the next unsuspecting victim. But, the fun grows all the more, in that when peaking down somehow the player is mister-I’m-too-good-for-wall-runner-deaths, as he jumps high in the sky clouding my vision, and takes me out from a higher standpoint. Still… such fun.

Advanced Warfare was great, but Black Ops 3 does it better, as the multiplayer experience takes you to that serene place in your mind where you are completely free falling in the sky, and can’t anybody take this magical online experience away from you. Unlike, Modern Warfare Remastered, the supposedly all ties free bare bones online experience, and yet the experience often times feels forced. This is definitely not the case with Black Ops 3, as even dying a little more often than usual, your still having the best of fun.

Infinite Warfare - They Certainly Tried to Make The-Every-Bit-Better-Call-of-Duty-Futuristic-Experience-to-Advanced-Warfare-and-Black-Ops-3:

Infinite Warfare’s campaign to this day still remains unplayed on my Xbox One and PlayStation 4 accounts, as it seemed so disappointing from the launch trailer. Of course, the game brought with it intrigue, as there was only time to wonder what Infinity Ward had been up to since their last Call of Duty release in 2013, the one titled Ghosts. Seriously, Ghosts was a horrific experience overall when dimming the lights and comparing the game to its predecessors for the Call of Duty IP. Only, there was so much happening in the gaming atmosphere in 2013 with the transition between last-generation and next-generation consoles that most ignored the failure to succeed Ghosts title. This may have been a subtle sign from the Infinity Ward studio that they were unable to perform without their leading developers that left before the release of Ghosts in 2013. The proof!: Well, look at Ghosts in its shell, shore, everything is there - a single player campaign, a ranked multiplayer mode, and new rid-bits of things scattered throughout the game, but it wasn’t even close to the fun experience that was had online with Modern Warfare 3 (better yet, Modern Warfare 2).

Infinite Warfare was another Ghosts release in my opinion. Sure, it has everything inside of it that all of the other two futuristic Call of Duty titles had, but it was worse, and had much worse of a gameplay experience to that had on Advanced Warfare and Black Ops 3.

So, Black Ops 3 wins.

The Black Ops 3 multiplayer experience is far more immersive than the multiplayer experience had on Infinite Warfare. There are so many players around the world that have found it difficult to have the Infinite Warfare case lying around, let alone having to play it for hours on end wondering what happened to Infinity Ward to make them so weak when compared to the other Call of Duty developing teams.

Not mentioned in the rest of the post, but it may be worth quickly adding in that Black Ops 3’s zombies mode is every bit the better to Infinite Warfare’s zombies mode, and as such should be a deciding factor when cross-examining the two competing Call of Duty titles (Infinite Warfare and Black Ops 3), to find the futuristic experience for someone (perhaps yourself, or someone else).

Infinite Warfare zombies elaboration: The Infinite Warfare zombies mode will take you to Spaceland, and trust me when I say that this sounds much cooler than it is in the reality of making a bleak - at best experience of trying to have fun on the mode. Spaceland is THE WORST zombies mode out of all of the Call of Duty titles, and even more so - THE WORST of all of the zombies games out on the video-game market today. Infinite Warfare’s zombie mode gets a 1.5/5.

Black Ops 3 zombies elaboration: The gameplay experience is slightly different to the zombies experience in Black Op 2, but this is all for the better. The guns, the perks, the boss rounds, everything is so much better in Black Ops 3’s zombies mode. Plus, if you have just been exposed to Infinite Warfare’s zombies mode, then this will be an absolute delight of an experience. Black Ops 3’s zombie mode gets a 4/5.

Futuristic Warfare Dominator!

Which futuristic Call of Duty title is better?

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