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Which Generation 4 Pokémon Are You?

Updated on June 2, 2017
Jeremy Gill profile image

In between Pokémon journeys, Jeremy enjoys working as a pharmaceutical chemist and campus manager.

Generation 4 Pokemon
Generation 4 Pokemon | Source

Pokemon's Fourth Iteration

If you've been a fan of Pokémon as long as I have, you likely know that Generation 4 spanned the Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum video games. These adventures occurred within the land of Sinnoh, a vast and colorful region filled with new Pokémon. Some were cute, some were powerful, and a few were both. Today, you can discover which Gen 4 monster suits you best with our quiz! Afterward, check out the awesome artwork of your result. Are you ready?

Your Pokemon

Which result did you get?

See results

I hope you enjoyed determining your creature. Feel free to take a look at artwork of your Pokémon (and the others) below!



You are the stubborn Piplup, a water type. You are capable and full of potential, but this causes you to be somewhat arrogant. Because you rarely require help, you haven't learned to request it when needed, and will face any challenge alone. Still, you aren't cruel, just prideful. In time, both your social and combat skills will improve, and you will become a force to be reckoned with.



You are the agile Infernape, both a Fire and a Fighting type. You aren't the biggest combatant, but your speed and unique combat style makes up for it. You are a skilled warrior, constantly seeking out any fighters strong enough to give you a worthy match. You enjoy thrills, and are always working to overcome any challenge. You respect any combatant who relies on skills and wits, but look down on those who employ trickery.



You are the sturdy Bastiodon, belonging to the Rock and Steel types. You aren't the most agile combatant; in fact, you dislike battles. However, when left with no other choice, you prove a strong warrior. You can endure any force, physical or mental, and possess great stamina. Despite your size, you prefer to eat fruits and vegetables. And though you are powerful, you are social, and fond of children, whom you get along with well. You are calm, peaceful, and well-liked.



You are the ambitious Vespiquen, both a Bug and a Flying type. You seek power, and will do whatever it takes to gain it. You are sneaky, but also a competent battler. Still, you prefer to use followers to accomplish your goals, and know how fake any emotion you desire to gather supporters. You will typically act selfishly, but are willing to cooperate with others to accomplish a goal. And, rarely, even you may exhibit genuine moments of compassion. Again, rarely.



You are the serene Togekiss, a Flying and Fairy type. You are whimsical, silly, and joyful. And why shouldn't you be? After all, you are said to bring bliss wherever you go. To use your blessing, you seek out kind and respectful beings, and reward them with good luck. You almost never battle, but demonstrate surprisingly powerful abilities when absolutely forced to. You are well-liked, enjoy traveling, and don't mind that your name is silly.



You are the imposing Dusknoir, a Ghost type. You are feared by many, for you are said to take the spirits of the living. Do you act cruelly because of your nature, or are you being commanded by higher powers to enforce such vicious policies? Only you can determine the answer. As for your battle potential, you are powerful because of your resilience to attacks, though most prefer to flee from rather than fight you. You may be brutal, but perhaps there is goodness within you that will one day free you from your chains.

Hope you enjoyed discovering your Sinnoh counterpart! More quizzes, Pokémon and otherwise, to come. Thanks for reading!

If you'd like a similar quiz but with new creatures, here you can determine your Generation 3 Pokemon!


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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      I got Togekiss

    • Jeremy Gill profile imageAUTHOR

      Jeremy Gill 

      5 years ago from Louisiana

      Hi Jasmeetk. If you like Pikachu, try the quiz called "Which Original Pokémon Are You?" He's one of the results there. And if it makes you feel better, Piplup's final evolution, Empoleon, is one of my favorite Pokémon!

    • Jasmeetk profile image

      Jasmeet Kaur 

      5 years ago from India

      got piplup as result... lol

      I don't remember this pokeman... I remember pikka-pikka- chu... ;)


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