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Which Generation 5 Pokémon Are You?

Updated on March 15, 2017
Jeremy Gill profile image

In between Pokémon journeys, Jeremy enjoys working as a pharmaceutical chemist and campus manager.

Various Generation 5 Pokemon
Various Generation 5 Pokemon

Generation 5: Pokémon Black and White

Did you play Pokémon Black and White, or their sequels, Black and White 2? These games, the last Pokémon entries for the Nintendo DS, took players to the land of Unova, a place full of new and exciting Pokémon (referred to as Generation 5).

Unova offered a more metropolitan setting than past games; the region is based on New York rather than Japan. Even if you haven't experienced these games, our quiz today can determine which creature from Unova best suits you! Afterward, feel free to browse some spectacular art of your counterpart. Let's begin!

Your Pokemon

Which outcome did you receive?

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I hope you enjoyed determining your creature. If you'd like, take a look at some awesome artwork of your Pokémon (and the others) below!

You rock that beard of fire, Emboar
You rock that beard of fire, Emboar


You are the good-natured Emboar, a Fire and Fighting type. And speaking of your two types, you were the third Fire-type starter in a row to add Fighting as a secondary attribute (after Blaziken and Infernape from Generations 3 & 4), so you ticked off some people who wanted something new. Still, you are gentle and easygoing, and deeply loyal to your friends. If you must fight, you are capable of assaulting foes with ever-changing and forceful attacks to break through their defenses. Oh, and check out your picture, for you have a beard of fire. How awesome is that?

Thundurus in Therian Form
Thundurus in Therian Form


You are the mighty Thundurus, an Electric and Flying type. You are carefree and reckless, and your pursuits of pleasure often harm others. You feel that those with power deserve to use it however they see fit. Rather than cruel, you are more apathetic to the plights of others, believing individuals should handle their own problems; you never ask others for aid, and you expect them to do the same. You have the ability to morph into the savage Therian Form, further adding to your destructive arsenal..You may not have Emboar's sizzling beard, but you wear your own jagged mustache.

Victini | Source


You are the timid Victini, a Psychic and Fire Pokémon. Though shy, you will bravely stand up to any foe when your friends are in danger. Additionally, for such a small being, you possess a surprising amount of power; you are said to output an infinite amount of energy. Plus, legends state that any who team up with you will overcome their struggles, no matter how challenging. You may act modest, but you are a true companion who is capable of great things.



You are the brutal Hydreigon, a Dark and Dragon type. Though you were once intelligent, your struggles from life have given you a resentful outlook, and you mindlessly seek to destroy those who have caused you pain. If unchecked, your revenge will extend to the innocent, and many lives will be jeopardized. Any lingering sense of morality within you was snuffed out by the pleasure of retribution. Are you to blame for you cruel actions, or do you simply demonstrate the end result of an imperfect world? Either way, others would do well to stay clear of your path.

Snivy | Source


You are the calm Snivy, a Grass type. You are a unique being full of surprises. You are often quiet and enjoy alone time, but make sure to schedule time with friends. Your attacks lack power, but you are surprisingly capable due to your speed and endurance. You are confident, but not cocky; you will partner with allies when needed. And you can be clumsy, but move with astonishing grace when necessary. Overall, you are an honest friend who proves that there is more to everyone than meets the eye.



You are the powerful Zekrom, a Dragon and Electric type. Despite your incredible strength, you seek the advancement of civilization, and dream of an ideal future. You offer your aid to any you deem worthy of enhancing the world, but you typically remain alone, always watching and guarding the planet. You possess the emotional fortitude required to endure such solitude, and will give everything you have to create a better tomorrow. If forced to choose, you would select happiness over truth, believing that hope will guide you to bliss.

Did you enjoy identifying your Generation 5 monster? Come back for more Pokémon countdowns and quizzes, and thanks for reading!

If you'd like to determine your creature from the land of Sinnoh, click here to discover your Generation 4 Pokemon!


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