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Persona 3: Which Persona Are You?

Updated on January 23, 2016
Using an Evoker
Using an Evoker

Persona 3 History

Don't worry, that young man isn't shooting himself. Rather, he's using an Evoker, a device from the game Persona 3 that enables you to summon a powerful creature called a persona. In Persona 3, you can fight monsters, collect spirits, and form "social links" with your friends. The game has many sequels and updated versions; check them out on the Playstation 2 or Playsation Portable to see if the series tickles your fancy. As for now, since we've already examined the strongest creatures from Persona 3, today we'll determine which summon best suits us!

Your Persona

Which entity are you?

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Now that we know your persona, we can view the various outcomes below!



Arcana: Fool

You are the sorrowful Orpheus. Greek mythology tells of how you played hauntingly beautiful music when your loving wife died. You journeyed into the underworld and convinced Hades to let you have your beloved back, but only if you returned to Earth without glancing back into the Underworld. Anxious and doubtful, you blundered during your return trip, and watched as your wife vanished forever. As a persona, you wield fire to burn enemies to crisps, but are vulnerable to electricity and darkness attacks. You now seek to remind humans of their folly, and help them remember to have faith.



Arcana: Magician

You are the swift Hermes. In Greek legends, you guided travelers throughout various lands, and were responsible for leading the dead to the Underworld. You are an accomplished individual, often renowned for your talents with athletics, literature, and creativity. You prefer direct combat, wielding a variety of physical attacks to crush adversaries. You are also resistant to fire, but vulnerable to wind. Your winged cap and sandals are often used to symbolize your adventurous spirit.



Arcana: Empress

You are the prophetic Gabriel. In Christian lore, you informed various women of the miraculous children they would bear. In the Islamic faith, you are the highest ranking angel. You are often thought of as male, but have been depicted as female, too. You often hold a lily, symbolizing your peaceful nature. Though you abhor violence, you will battle using ice and light attacks (which you are also immune to). You are weak to darkness, but ultimately learn a skill to negate the vulnerability. Funny how some of the most peaceful individuals are actually the greatest warriors.



Arcana: Emperor

You are the mighty Odin. Your name literally means "The Furious." In Norse mythology, you are the father of most gods, and an enemy of the frost giant Ymir. You traded one of your eyes for the chance to drink from an enchanted well, gaining much wisdom. You also wield the powerful lance Gungnir. As a persona, you are a master of electric attacks, and absorb damage from them, but are weak to wind. You hone your abilities to reduce the SP cost of your skills, saving your summoner stamina. None should underestimate your formidable power.



Arcana: Chariot

You are the dangerous Ares, the god of war in Greek lore. You are one of twelve Olympians, and a son of Zeus. You are temperamental, violent, and brutal, always preferring to settle problems with fights. Some respect you, and almost all fear you. In battle, you are vulnerable to wind, but resistant to fire and slashing attacks. You utilize powerful physical strikes to overwhelm opponents. You may raise your allies' chances of inflicting critical hits, counterattack enemies when struck, and lower the defense of foes. You lack elemental damage, but your furious assault will usually batter enemies into oblivion.



Arcana: Death

You are the ominous Alice. Your appearance seems to be based on the leading character from Lewis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland; your blond hair and blue dress are quite similar. Unlike that Alice, you are solemn, serious, and creepy. You are weak to light attacks, but will reflect darkness. You can utilize moves to instill fear into enemies, or lower their defense. You lack a traditional offensive attack.. but you have your signature move, Die For Me, which has an 80% chance of killing every enemy around you who is vulnerable to darkness. You eventually learn a boost to increase the chances of success by 50%.. meaning you can kill all foes who don't negate dark in one attack. So.. I'm gonna try to stay on your good side.

Persona Users
Persona Users

Hopefully you enjoyed determining which creature would serve as the manifestation of your psyche. Persona come in many shapes and sizes; perhaps we'll explore more of these mysterious entities in the future. Regardless, I'll see you again in upcoming quizzes, countdowns, and reviews. Thanks for reading!


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    • Jeremy Gill profile imageAUTHOR

      Jeremy Gill 

      5 years ago from Louisiana

      I agree, Cornelia. It's interesting to see how many persona come from religious beliefs. And Gabriel's not the only archangel who makes an appearance; Uriel, Raphael, and Michael are also persona.

    • CorneliaMladenova profile image

      Korneliya Yonkova 

      5 years ago from Cork, Ireland

      I myself choose Gabriel. Great character :)


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