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Which Runes You Should Keep and Which Runes You Should Sell in "Summoners War"

Updated on December 27, 2020

Which Runes you Should be Selling

Identifying Runes

In "Summoners War" you'll find about 90% of the time playing the game is spent farming for runes. You can spend 500 energy on running Giants B12 and come back with 1-3 runes worth keeping (depending on your standards). With this guide I'm going to help you identify which runes are worth keeping and which ones you should be selling. I'm going to do this buy sorting runes into three categories.

Keep, Sell, World Boss Fodder.


Keep in mind every single player is going to have to tweak this just a tiny bit for themselves. Most runes are good for at least one unit. Full HP Blade Gorgo is a good example of this. If you know what you are looking for then add it to your own list of keepers.

Also this guide is aimed at players who can farm the 10th-12th levels of Giant, Dragon and Necromancer. If you aren't there yet then you can lower the standard for good runes. Just know any blue or 5 star runes you spend manastones on will be replaced and that's mana you can't get back.

A Good Example of a Legendary Rune

Runes you Should Keep

The first and most important thing to look for is Legendary runes that have main stats on type. This means slot 2 speed Swift runes. Fatal runes slot 2,4,6, with Attack % or Rage slot 4 Runes with Crit damage. I think you get it but this could be applied to almost every rune set. Generally after that I would say keep any legendary rune with Crit Damage or Speed as a main stat. You will always need more of these. Even if the sub stats are poor you can use a reappraisal stone to try and fix it.

After that you want to look for sub stats that are on type. This is more important for slots 1,3,5 since they will always have Attack, Defense and HP as main stats. So again Swift runes with speed sub stats, Fatal with Attack, Crit Rate or Crit Damage etc.

You can repeat the same process again with Purple Hero Runes. With these try to be more picky. So if you get a Fatal Rune with Attack % make sure that it has 2 or 3 complementary sub stats like Attack, Crit Damage or Crit rate. You can always convert one stat.

Below is a list of rules to follow by importance.

  1. Legendary-With on Type Main and Sub Stats
  2. Legendary-With on Type Main Stats
  3. Legendary-With Speed or Crit Damage as Main Stats
  4. Hero- With on Type Main or Sub Stats (2 or More Complementary Stats)
  5. Rare- Slot 2 Speed Runes

Reappraising Runes

I would not Reappraise this Rune
I would not Reappraise this Rune

Runes You Should Sell

Most runes you will find in "Summoners War" should be sold. Depending on where you are in progression this means about 95%-99% of runes are not worth keeping. This should make it easy to figure out what we should sell then. If you are farming Giants, Dragons or Necromancer and B10 or Higher than you can sell anything that is blue or 5 star. The only possible exception is blue 6 star slot 2 Swift speed runes*. A quarter of the builds in Summoners War need a Slot 2 Speed Rune. So they can be a good temporary rune.

Slots 2,4,6 will all sometimes come as flat stat occasionally. This means instead of getting Attack % as a main stat you could get attack +. In most monsters usually the Attack % will get you more attack stats. So generally we can sell these flat main stat runes. Remember speed is always a flat stat.

Accuracy and Resistance on slot 6 can usually be sold as well. I'd suggest keeping one of each set type in case you need it but for the most part you won't use a lot of these. These runes also tend to sell for a decent amount of manastones so they can be a nice way to get more mana.

Here are the rules for Selling

  1. 5 Stars-Sell, don't waste mana on these.
  2. Blue Runes-Sell, aside from Speed exception*
  3. Hero Flat stat- Sell if on slots 2,4,6.
  4. Resistance or Accuracy-Sell but keep on or two for niche monsters.

Sell Runes like this

It may look like the right stats but it's blue so it will never be strong enough.
It may look like the right stats but it's blue so it will never be strong enough.

Runes for Fodder

This requires a bit of explanation. Some runes have a a high about of bad stats. This could be a Legendary Swift rune with no speed and the other stats spread out so there is no clear use for the rune. This means runes that you would not want to waste a reappraisal stone on because the main stat is off type. Like a Fatal rune with defense%.

These runes can be worth keeping for one good reason. World Boss.

World boss tallies up the entire stats of a monster and not how well the monster is runed. I like to dump all my bad (but great) runes onto one or two monsters who's soul purpose is to perform well in world boss. This is an important part of "Summoners War" a lot of people over look.

My World Boss Slave

Max Skilled With all Legendary off type runes
Max Skilled With all Legendary off type runes
Since how well the monster is runed doesn't matter HP% Fatal still works for World Boss
Since how well the monster is runed doesn't matter HP% Fatal still works for World Boss
Even these runes are "Bad" they can be worth keeping.
Even these runes are "Bad" they can be worth keeping.

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