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Which Video Game Console To Buy,Wii,Xbox360 or PS3

Updated on November 22, 2009

Which video game console should I buy? I do not own a game console yet but should I decide to own one, this will be the question I have to answer.

There are three well known game consoles in the market. These are: The Sony PlayStation3, XBOX360 and Nintendo Wii. Each of them has their own uniqueness and as a first step to decide which to buy, it is best to start to know the systems individually. Then from there other factors like price, types of games, the system overall playability and personal preference will be taken into account. From my own research done, I summarized them below, starting with Wii.

Nintendo's Wii with Controller
Nintendo's Wii with Controller

The Wii

Well unlike PS3 or XBOX, the Wii has no predecessors. Wii is Nintendo's latest system and is controlled using a Wii Remote, also known as Wiimote . There is the Nunchuk which is an optional plug-in that connects to the Wiimote for some games.

What make Wii unique is that it is the first video game system that requires you to stand up and move around, meaning you can no really worked out a sweat playing Wii games. In every Wii, the complementary game, Wii Sports is included. Wii Sports which consists of five sports games designed to give you an introduction to the interactive possibilities of the Wii. You get to play games like Baseball, Tennis, Boxing, Golf, and Bowling.

Wii is Wi-Fi capable and can go online. Once setup, your Wii is connected all the time, even when on standby. This is good because Nintendo will send software and system updates, and your Wii can download and install them while not being used. You can also go online to play for free. And to top up the goodliness, you can download games from previous systems, such as the original Mario Bros and play.

Wii is not HD capable but graphics quality is good enough. It don’t play DVDs disks like the other two so that’s the only downside I can see. But then this may not be necessary so. Wii compensate for this, by designing its games and interactivity to be easily picked up by young or not so young players. In another word, Wii scored top marks for playability.

Price wise, Wii now retails for about $249.99

Silver PlayStation3 with Controllers
Silver PlayStation3 with Controllers

The PlayStation3 (PS3)

PS3 is the third console in the PlayStation line of systems. The controllers are the same as the PS2's, but are wireless. One thing about the controller is the number of buttons and it needs time to get used to them.

PS3 can go online with its built in Wi-Fi and connects to the PlayStation Network, which allows for free online gaming. The PlayStation Network also offers movies and television shows (but you can either buy or rent them). Well known PlayStation games includes Assassin's Creed, Battlefield, Dragon Age: Origins, Gran Turismo 5, Resident Evil 5 and many more.

The PS3 comes in multiple hard drive capacities - 40GB, 60GB, and 80GB and usually with no games being bundled in. PS3 is high definition capable and the number that defines HD is 1080. A plus thing about PS3 above the other 2 video game consoles is that the PS3 can play regular DVDs as well as Blu-Ray disks.

PS3 retails at about the following price.40GB - $399.99, 80GB - $499.99

Xbox360 with controller
Xbox360 with controller

The XBOX 360

XBOX 360 is the second generation in Microsoft's video game console line. The controllers are virtually the same as the first generation but now they are wireless like those PS3.

XBOX 360 has no built in Wi-Fi but can go online. Similar to PlayStation Network, Xbox has the XBOX Live. And through the XBOX Live Marketplace you can download games, demos, etc., as well as full-length movies and television episodes. One of the great features of XBOX Live is that you can talk to the people you are playing with. So if you are playing a team game, you can talk to your teammates, or taunt players you are playing against.

There are three different options when you buy the XBOX 360. They are the XBOX 360 Arcade, XBOX 360, and XBOX 360 Elite. XBOX 360 comes with 256MB memory and 5 arcade games. XBOX 360 comes with 60GB memory and no games. XBOX 360 Elite comes with 120GB memory and no games. Well known XBOX games include Gears of War, Guitar Hero, Elder Scrolls Oblivion, etc.

The XBOX 360, is HD capable and has a built in DVD player which can play regular DVD disk but not Blu-Ray ones.

Price wise XBOX 360 Arcade retails at $279.99. XBOX 360 cost $349.99 and XBOX 360 Elite cost $449.99


Well it is easy for me to decide which game console to go for. The long hours I spent playing PC games is enough and I don’t intend to continue that with video games. Like wise I like my kids to be active. So taking this as the main consideration I will go for Wii. Price wise is the cheapest too and that is another attractive factor.


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