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Which consoles the best, PS3 or Xbox 360?

Updated on August 13, 2013
PS3 vs. Xbox 360
PS3 vs. Xbox 360
Xbox 360 and PS3 game play comparison
Xbox 360 and PS3 game play comparison

PS3 vs. Xbox 360


The PS3 which was released in 2006 to the US and 2007 to the UK due to altercations with the BLU-RAY player, was the most anticipated console since the Xbox 360 was released in 2005. Before the release if we were fans of the Playstation then you would have been using the PS2 which by this point, was well past its due by date. Any console gaming fan will remember the buzz around its release and it truly amazed its consumers with its modern updated graphics and slick new design. The Playstation finally received its upgrade into the 21st Centurty and everyone loved it, except of course for the dedicated fans of the Xbox 360 who despised it, having been the Xbox 360's main competitor. Before the release of the PS3 customers were moving to the Xbox 360 as it had the online abilities which the PS2 could not provide, but that all changed after the release of the PS3. Myself having been a mega fan of the Playstation bought the PS3 after having bought the Xbox 360 as I wanted to see for myself the graphics and layout of the console. I was amazed to see just how great the layout was and the graphics were very similar to the Xbox 360 with a slight difference which you would come to expect.

The start up screen on the PS3 is set out nicely with columns for all the different sources of entertainment which the console provides such as music, gaming, television etc. This is all very simple and easy to follow but I was a little disappointed to find that the loading for downloads took a lot longer that you would expect. So for instance if I wanted to play a game then I would have to hold back on the fun aspect to the game because before I could enter the game I would have a download to wait for which varied between 5mins to sometimes even 30mins. Now you think that there is an easy explanation, which is that maybe my broadbands rubbish, or I have set my console up too far from the modern or maybe I have downloaded too much and used up a lot of the space given on the console. None of this could be the problem as I have the No 1 broadband in the UK, I have the console set up in the same room as the modern and there is a whopping 250GB amount of space on the console which I have not even used 30GB worth of just yet. Do not let this put you off buying the console though as I have friends with the console who tell me that their console downloads quickly and they have no problem in this area.

The addition of having the Playstation move, I have found to be fun but not all that great in my opinion as the fun only seems to last for a little while before it seems to get tiresome. Also having to hold a remote when using it, I am not quite keen on as I prefer to use the Kinect as you do not need to worry about that problem.

Getting past the frustrating area of downloading, I am very pleased with my PS3 and I think that you have by far one of the best consoles, if you have one then I'm sure you would agree. Its processing speed is quick as I have been told, they have some great exclusive games and the Playstation network brings a great foundation for playing online multi player games with friends and family. What I love about the Playtation network is that you pay for things which you download from PSN with money rather than points, even if you buy a PSN card which is equivalent to money.

The entertainment does not end at games with the PS3 as you can watch movies/television which is great as you can sit down and watch a movie with the family. You can stream movies on the console through apps such as Netflix/LoveFilm/SkyNow/Blink Box or even the Playstation network where you can rent new movies and even buy them if you wish in standard or high definition. Music is also provided on the PS3 so you can buy music and send it to your Playstation Vita or just listen to it through the PS3.

Arguably the best thing about the PS3 which singles it out from its main competitor Xbox 360, is that you get the online use for free. So you have no need to worry about monthly or yearly charges to use the online side to the console which is great. This marketing strategy has certainly worked as a lot of people see no point in paying for more than you need to these days which is certainly understandable.

Here is a list of a few games exclusive to the PS3;

Exclusive games for the PS3 (popular titles)-

  • Killzone (franchise)
  • Infamous
  • Metal gear solid
  • God of war

Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 which was released in 2005 sold out in all countries apart from Japan which isn't that surprising as it was innovative in its design on the interior and exterior of the box shaped console. The main focus for the Xbox 360 console was to bring an online experience which had never been seen before and would stand the test of time which it certainly did just that. The PS2 had made attempts at an online system before hand but had not been very good or well received whereas the Xbox 360 brought a phenomenal online experience which shocked the world. It was new, it was quick, it made games more exciting/entertaining to play and every gamer loves it. This of course brought problems for the Playstation company because with the release of the Xbox 360, PS2 sales dropped dramatically as people turned to the Xbox 360. Now people began playing the online multi player game play function more than the single player campaign which was for the first time in video game console history. This new online function also meant a drop in PC game sales as before the release of the Xbox 360, the PC had the best online game play experience but that all changed. The Xbox 360 had the best graphics, the best online multi player function, and a new and exciting design.

In 2006 I myself bought the original white Xbox 360 which I would agree made the PS2 look obsolete and yesterdays news. This is why the Playstation company had to catch up and release a new console to compete both with the online abilities and the graphics which the Xbox 360 had produced. I like the home screen which the Xbox 360 has and the themes which you can add to the background, which my favourite is still the original theme. The columns make using the Xbox 360 simple and fun on the home page which is always nice and the social side to the Xbox 360 is so simple and fun its almost impossible to describe. Most of my friends use the Xbox 360 console which is probably why when I use a console, the majority of the time I will use the Xbox 360. The controllers have a perfect shape and size which allows it to fit comfortably into your hands and makes for a comfortable game play experience.

The addition of having the Kinect for the Xbox 360 is also great as it gets you up and moving which is perfect for fitness and getting your 30mins exercise a day. It also allows the whole family to get involved and have some fun. It also has the advantage of needing no controller as it works by sensing movement which for me is great.

The other entertainment areas which the Xbox 360 offers is similar to the PS3 as you can stream movies/television using apps such as Netflix/LoveFilm/SkyNow/BlinkBox. As wells as buying/renting the latest movies brought to you by Xbox which can be streamed in standard/high definition. You can also listen to music which there are apps for which allow you to buy music and listen to various music through the Xbox 360 for free.

Another area to the console is the Xbox store where you can download the latest games, themes, gamer pictures and avatar clothing to personalise your avatar. To buy things through the Xbox 360 you will need to use either a credit card or Microsoft points which are equivalent to money. Here is a list of a few games which are exclusive to the Xbox 360;

Exclusive Games for Xbox 360 (Popular titles)-

  • Halo (franchise)
  • Fable
  • Gears of war

Finally the last thing I would like to mention is the gold membership which allows you to use the online multi player function which just so happens to be the one down side to having the Xbox 360. This is because to receive the gold membership you must either pay a monthly/yearly fee which is a pain as you can get the online multi player for free on the PS3.

which is best, the PS3 or Xbox 360?

This decision is my personal opinion and after having played games on both of these consoles and used them both on many occasions, I have come to the conclusion that the Xbox 360 is the better console. This is because the Xbox 360 for me is simpler to use socially, for gaming, and for streaming movies/television. It is also due to the fact that the Xbox 360 has the Kinect which I feel to be fantastic as it gets you moving and is great for the whole family to get involved and use. But what I would say is better about the PS3 is the online fees as there are none which I would also like to say, is fantastic.

Thank you for reading my article, if you have any questions please do comment. If you would like, please check out some of my other hubs and I hope that you have enjoyed reading the article. I would also appreciate hearing some of your opinions on which is the best console and please feel free to rate the two consoles.

Xbox 360 Rating

5 stars for Xbox 360


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    • Craig Easom profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from British Empire

      Hey Raj. Thank you for taking the time to comment and to answer your question, I would say the Xbox 360 was the best. The graphics are great and the games are superb but for the best and most up to date experience you will want the Xbox one.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Which is the best gaming console xbox360 or ps3 only for playing games in full graphics and enjoy it to the fullest?


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