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Which consoles the best, PS4 or Xbox One?

Updated on August 12, 2013
Xbox One vs. PS4
Xbox One vs. PS4

How do you answer a question of which consoles the best out of the PS4 and Xbox One. Well that's simple, research! I do all the research so you don't have too because no one wants to buy the wrong product and regret it later and no one wants to go through the trouble of researching for hours trying to figure out which consoles the best. I can honestly tell you that neither of these consoles are better than the other despite what some people may say as they both have areas which beat the other hands down. For instance the PS4 has concentrated more on the game play whereas the Xbox One have focused heavily on the voice activation and the ability to watch movies/television at the best possible standard, To me these too areas differ quite significantly and it has been spoken by a lot of angered Xbox fans that they should have concentrated their efforts more on the game play rather than the movie/television viewing on the console. Yet if people didn't already realise there has been a sudden increase in the amount of people watching movies/television on their consoles with the apps hitting with a boom as people use Netflix/LoveFilm/SkyGo/Blink Box etc. So you can understand Xbox concentrating a lot of their energy on this area of the entertainment which is provided on their console.

Magic of the PS4

The PS4 brings a new generation console feel with its consoles design which is sleek, sexy and has a nice feel to it. Accompanying the console there is the controller which again looks nothing less than perfection looking fairly similar to the PS2/PS3 controller with one small difference, the screen located in the centre of the controller. This to most seems cool, innovative and unique yet you may be wondering exactly why you would need a small screen on your controller and the handles are a little longer. This is so that you can send your accounts game play to a friend who can do that part of the game which you may be struggling with which is very cool. We have all been in that situcation during a game where we have found ourselves struggling on a mission, frustrated and in need of a little help, well you can consider that problem solved.

The PS4 not only has the outside look and quality but also has the inside quality which is why you buy the console. You can share with friends with social networking apps, communicate through headsets and share your game play with friends. As well as this there will be additional entertainment features such as movies/television/music. But the main aim for the console is gaming which PS4 have told their fans they are for the gamers which I guess is what we all want to hear. The experience which they are going to bring with the PS4 will make the PS3 obsolete and yesterdays news making what can only be a bright future for Playstation fans.

The design of the console seemed almost dangerous because it looks so out there but I think its paid off because the curves are amazing which I think brings the console down a new and exciting path. So far we have seen Playstation playing catch up to Xbox but maybe with the release of the PS4 we might see the tables turn for these two competitors. The software used is fantastic and unlike the previous consoles I can see this being a console made to last the test of time. The gaming side of the console seems all new with better graphics which we could have never seen on the PS3 and the gaming experience itself seems to be changing dramatically which we will all get a feel of later this year with its release.

The games for the PS4 will be all done online which means that rather than buying the discs we can download the game instead making life easier for everyone which will also help stop clutter building with games cases all over the place. I feel a little disappointed though as Playstation announced that they were not allowing PS3 games to be played on the PS4. This not being a too bigger problem though as I always have the PS3 to play my favourite PS3 games.

Magic of the Xbox One

To start with the Xbox one is a little bulkier than I was expecting but with the amount of hardware which has gone into the console must be immense. But I can not fault the colour or design as I love the simplicity of the box design which looks totally different to the Xbox 360 and the simple gloss black colour for the console is beautiful. Accompanying the console we have the controller which looks very similar to the Xbox 360 controller with a few differences, the first being the the top of the controller which is taller and creatively designed. The second and last difference being the sharper point at the bottom of the handles to the controller which seem to be effective in its design.

We will see the return of the Kinect with the Xbox One which is new and improved with quicker response, more intuitive and more precise. This is a big attraction for the Xbox as it adds the opportunity to get more active using the console to do fitness games, fun interactive adventure games and other games. Customers who bought the Xbox 360's Kinect loved the interactive use of the Kinect which allowed them to get active using the console, allowing the entire family to join in and have fun. As well as this there is the added advantage of not having to use any controller or remote as the Kinect senses movement. With the new Xbox One Kinect we will see all new games, all new experiences and all new fun to get through the Kinect.

The social side is certainly covered with the Xbox One as you can use social networking apps,communicate through headsets to friends, and enjoy the all new Skype experience which allows you to speak face to face to friends and family whilst you play games and watch movies. This being a big reason why people use consoles as communicating and socialising is one of the reasons why gaming has become so big as you can play multi player games with friends. use social networking sites and now Skype whilst gaming/watching movies.

Possibly the biggest attraction for the Xbox One and I'm sure you will agree is the voice activation on the game as we all saw it coming. No more reaching for the remote or pressing buttons on the console as now all you need to do is speak. This is a stunning addition to add to the experience on the console, which if anything will make using the console all the more fun. What also interested me was that when using your account it will only recognise your voice which I think is amazing.

The gaming experience on the Xbox One should be epic and although there have been arguments over whether the Xbox company concentrated enough of their efforts on the gaming side to the console I'm sure they will deliver in this area. Its easy to lay blame and call them names when you haven;t even used the console yet so give them a break and at least use the console yourself first before becoming the critic.

Which console should you buy, PS4 or Xbox One?

This decision should be down to personal wants in needs in the console which you are looking for as the PS4 has got great gaming capabilities but does not have a voice activation system. The Xbox One seems better if you want it to be used more as a family so that everyone gets the enjoyment out of the console. As the movie/television viewing will be superb and the gaming will be more than adequate in terms of what you will be looking for in a gaming experience.

Although you may be a dedicated fan of Playstation in which case you will most likely buy the PS4 or maybe you are a dedicated fan of the Xbox in which case you will most likely buy the Xbox One. But either way in making your choice remember that either console you buy will have similar capabilities and graphics, so its a win win scenario either way.

Thank you for reading my article and I hope this has helped you to make a decision on which to buy. I would appreciate comments, especially if you have any questions regarding the article.

Remember- Please feel free to check out my other Hubs.


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    • Craig Easom profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from British Empire

      Hi cfin,

      I will definitely consider including the Wii U in my hub. Thank you for commenting and all the points you made about the Wii have really enlightened my view of what Nintendo are offering with their console (Wii U).

    • cfin profile image


      4 years ago from The World we live in

      Wii U!! It is more suitable for some, especially couples, people with kids, local multiplayer fans and people looking for pure fun.

      Pro's - Cheaper, dual screen play, suitable for families and couples, off screen play (can play it when the TV is off), more local multiplayer games, superior catalog of 1st party Nintendo titles as judged by review sites, backwards compatible with all Wii games and accesories.

      Con's - The media witch hunt against it, the stats on paper, lack of blu ray drive, Current lack of violent (particularly) 3rd party games, lack of understanding that the Wii U actual is a new console.

      I had a PS3, gamecube, Wii and PS1. I hated the idea of the Wii U when it came out, but now that I bought one, it is my favorite console to date. Maybe consider including it in this hub. It's sales were horrible but since the released of mario Kart 8, it has been outselling the Xbox1.


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