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Who is Raven Queen?

Updated on June 10, 2016
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Tawnya is a freelance writer who LOVEs movies and televison series! She enjoys family movies and animated movies the most.

Raven Queen is a Rebellious Free Spirit

Raven Queen is the main protagonist from Ever After High. She is the daughter of the Evil Queen, from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and daughter of the Good King. As a student at Ever After High, a boarding school in Fairytale World, Raven is expected to carry out her mother’s fairytale, but the idea of being a villain isn’t something she is sure she wants to do.

Adding to her confusion about her future is a strained relationship between Raven and her mother, the Evil Queen, who is currently locked away in mirror prison, and the uncertainty whether she wants to give up her free will. As a result, she is labeled as a Rebel at Ever After High, and in doing so; other students begin to wonder about the certainty of their future too.

Raven Queen Doll

Ever After High First Chapter Raven Queen Doll
Ever After High First Chapter Raven Queen Doll

Whether your little girl wants to be a Royal, a Rebel, or maybe a Roybel, she will play for hours with the Raven Queen doll. Don't forget to get Raven's best friend, Maddie Hatter, and her roommate Apple White too.


Raven Queen is the Leader of the Rebel Movement at Ever After High

Although she didn’t mean for it to happen, when Raven Queen questions her future, she becomes the face of the Rebel Movement at Ever After High. Her rejection of destiny over free will inspired other fairytale offspring to do the same thing. Many others at Ever After High are also unhappy about their fate but have been too afraid to speak about it until Raven paved the way.

As a result, many Rebels and Royals, characters that have accepted their destiny, come to Raven for information. Unfortunately, Raven doesn’t feel like she can provide the advice others seek. Instead, she is trying to figure out what she wants to do about her potentially villainous future.

Raven Queen Isn’t What People Expect Her to Be

One of the biggest issues that Raven faces is how people perceive her. Because she is the daughter of the Evil Queen, everyone expects her to be evil as well. But, Raven is far from evil, except she does have a natural talent for casting black magic. In fact, she isn’t even mean, but anytime she tries to use her powers for good, it ends up backfiring on her.

Instead, Raven is a bit sarcastic and overwhelmed at times because she has an unjust reputation. As a result, Raven Queen is often skeptical of the people who try to befriend her, which means she has a hard time making friends. While she certainly doesn’t want to be a damsel in distress, a character trait of many of the Royals at Ever After High, she doesn’t find it fair that she can’t have a “happily ever after.”

Raven Queen’s Appearance

Raven’s refusal to accept what is supposed to be her destiny and her ability to fearlessly find out who she wants to be herself has made her an inspiration to little girls everywhere. In fact, I think this fairytale character will quickly be as popular as Cinderella, Snow White, and even Belle.

Raven Queen has a very distinct appearance, which includes very pale skin and violet eyes. Her dark wavy hair is mostly black with purple and maroon highlights. Although Raven isn’t evil and even rejects the thought of being villainous, she does have a villain-like appearance, which includes a wardrobe of purple and black fabrics.

Usually, Raven’s outfit choices also include a great deal of chains, dragon-style scales, feathers, and spikes. Adding to Raven’s villain-like persona is her pet, a dragon named Nevermore.

Raven Queen Costume Idea

Rubies Ever After High Child Raven Queen Costume, Child Medium
Rubies Ever After High Child Raven Queen Costume, Child Medium

Raven Queen is a great role model for little girls. She provides a great alternative to princesses so many girls are obsessed with. Instead of a princess dress, a Raven Queen-inspired costume is a great choice for pretend play or Halloween.


Raven Queen's Friends at Ever After High

Although Raven has a hard time making friends, she does have a few. Her best friend is the wildly quirky Madeline Hatter, also known as Maddie. Maddie Hatter is the daughter of the Mad Hatter and was originally supposed to be Raven’s roommate at Ever After High.

Raven’s other friends include Cerise Hood, the daughter of Little Red Riding Hood, and Cedar Wood, the daughter of Pinocchio. Raven’s roommate is Apple White, the daughter of Snow White, and if you understand the strained relationship between Snow White and the Evil Queen, you can certainly see why these two aren’t friends.

Although resistant at first, some of the Royals warm up to Raven Queen and her friends. However, some of the Royals are opposed to being friends with Rebels just because of where they came from.

Learn More About Raven's Story on Ever After High's YouTube Channel

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