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Why Are Facebook Games So Popular

Updated on May 8, 2011

A Fun Look At Facebook Games

Do you see how many people a month play some of these facebook games?

It is hard to believe people have time but then again you could always play at work if you have an office job , just watch out for the boss.

I am going to look into a couple of these games today and try to understand what is so addictive.

So why are facebook games so popular, leave me a comment and let me know what you like to play.

I do not mean to offend anyone with what I have written, it is all a bit of fun.

Pet Society, I have no idea what to do

Lets start with Pet Society , holy cow over 12 million users , I can not believe it.
So I have to collect trophy's to move up in the game, so how do I get trophy's?
There are 42 Pet Society trophy options, with 14 different categories and 3 trophies in each of the categories , ok you got that, it sounds like a challenge to me but it is cleaner than having your own pet at home.

You have to play every day and send other players things and they send things back to you and you complete tasks over and over again and then you get a trophy, did I make that easy to understand or what,I am a master at this now.

Your pet has to play games ,like keep a ball in the air , this sounds like fun.

Now they expect you to get new friends and neighbors , hope you have time for more friends in your life guys.
Getting friends is hard work, you need to hunt them down on blogs and forums and hope they want to be your friend , this is starting to feel like a popularity contest, maybe you should give up your real life friends to make time for your cyber pet friends who you will never meet.

Gardening is also part of the game , instead of working up the levels just use your hard earned cash and buy some coins to make a fake garden in a fake world, that makes sense doesn't it?

I could not work it out so please leave a comment if you can help me , enjoy the game all you pet lovers

Let's talk Fishville

Fishville , lets see if I can explain this one.

Neighbors , decorations , feeding ,hacks , cheats , guides and they say this is easy , I must be to old for this.

So you have to keep your fish alive and the tank looking pretty and then you earn coins to level up.

How do you chose which game to play , they have so many choices.

You can raise and sell fish so it is just like being a fisherman without the early morning starts, how cool you can sell fish from your lounge room.
Once again you can buy coins to level up, maybe a real live fish tank might be easier for me.
Over 5 million people a month love this one so happy fishing.

I think I want to be a farmer in Farmville

How much fun working on a farm without the smell or getting dirty, it doesn't matter if it rains or is hot and i can sleep in.
Nearly 54 million people a month can not be wrong , that is an impressive number so you would want to be a good farmer to work your way up in this game, look at all the friends you could make playing this game.

You need to make neighbors in this game as well , so happy blogging to find friends. You need to know what to plant and where to plant it as well .
Windmills , greenhouses , tractors , harvester , seeder , sounds like a real farm.

Play carefully or you will run out of money without a farm so be wise so you don't have to pay for coins, i must say you can buy guides to help with these games which i would do if i had the time to play them.

How cute though having all those animals around you on a big farm , a reason to get out of bed to feed the animals and plant the crops.

If you need a way to relax and kill some time give this game a go but if you get stuck just buy a guide ,it will save you a lot of frustration.

Let me know how your farm is going guys , and you never know one day we could be cyber friends with farms.




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