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Why Buy Wooden Toys Instead of Plastic Toys for Children?

Updated on November 27, 2017

Early childhood, the ages from zero to six years, is the most sensitive & important developmental period in an individual's life. The brain of a human develops more during these few years than at any other stage in an individual’s life. Thus, during this brief stage of development it is significant to know the activities, games and toys that children play.

Choosing the right toy can be quite a dilemma for parents and relatives. It becomes difficult for a new parent to enter a store or browse toys online and deciding which toys would fit their child because they do not know the advantages and disadvantages of these toys. Well! just like we as humans have changed over time, the concept of toys has also changed. When you walk into a toy store or an online store the racks and the portal is filled with battery operated toys, talking dolls, glowing characters and more. Do you think the appeal would last forever in the minds of children?

No, according to educationists in early years and numerous research done over the last few years, some of the best toys that we can buy for our little ones are wooden toys. There are ample of reasons to prove that it is important to play with wooden toys in early years rather than toys made of plastic or man-made materials. Some of these reasons are listed below:

  • Toy Safety with respect to Plastic Toys: In comparison to wooden toys, plastic toys can break easily leaving sharpened ends that can harm a child. Wooden toys are more durable and safer in general and can be a good option with respect to safety of the child.
  • Long lasting: Wood being a strong and durable material, it generally has a long life and can be passed on to younger siblings, sometimes even the next generation. That’s the reason wooden toys are normally called generational toys as they are passed on from generation to generation.
  • Eco-friendly toys: Wood is a renewable resource whereas plastic is not. Plastic is not biodegradable and all of us know the harmful effects of plastic on the environment. Wooden toys made from renewable forests or planned cultivations are far more environmentally friendly.
  • Problem solving and reasoning: Most of the wooden toys do not have electronic commands that tell children what needs to be done, thus allowing children to use their reasoning skills to decide on what particular activities they wish to undertake using that particular toy.
  • Physical benefits of wooden toys: Wooden toys are generally weightier than plastic toys which enables the children to have an awareness on what their hands are doing. The sensory feel of a wooden toy is far superior to toys made from other materials. Research has proven that children are attracted far more to wooden toys than toys made of man-made materials.
  • Educational purposes- Most of the wooden toys are educational and can aid children in developing fine motor skills, cognitive abilities, language development and more while ensuring they are having loads of fun.

All the above reasons underline the importance of wooden toys. Thus, make a change today in the interest of your little ones and start looking at wooden toys to #playitright.


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