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Why Can't Chatot be Used in Random Pokemon Wifi Battles?

Updated on March 25, 2012

Pokemon Black and White

Chatot Banned from Pokemon Battles on Wifi

If you have tried using Chatot in a random wifi battle in Pokemon Black or Pokemon White you probably had a nasty surprise. You see, Chatot is not legal in the random wifi battles, try entering the wifi section and you'll be stopped in your tracks.

This might seem a bit odd at first, especially given that all the other Pokemon that are banned are legendaries, and Chatot is not exactly a high powered Pokemon. I mean take a look at the list here

Chatot doesn't look like it belongs does it? But all is not as it seems...

Why Chatot is Banned from Random Wifi Battles

So why would Nintendo and Game Freak decide that Chatot should be banned from random wifi matches?

You might not think it, but it is entirely because of the move chatter, which is unique to Chatot.

Chatter is far from a powerful move, though 60 base power and the ability to confuse is not to be sniffed at. But it's not the power of the move that is the problem, it's what it can do.

You see, and not every Pokemon fan knows this, Chatter has another ability. As well as being able to have in game effects, you can also use it to record a message and it will play when Chatot appears, as it's battle cry.

This opens it up to being able to give all kinds of abuse, abuse that young kids potentially playing the game really should not be hearing. Which is why the Pokemon Chatot was banned from random wifi battles in Pokemon Black and White.

Do you agree with the decision, or any of the other bannings? Let us know on the Pokemon forums.

Some Chatot Facts

  • Chatter is one of only 2 moves that can not be sketched (the other being struggle)
  • Chatot is the only non-legendary Pokemon to be banned from the Pokemon Grand Battle Union
  • It has 3 abilities, all of which are available - Keen Eye, Tangled Feet and Big Pecks (DW only)
  • It is found in Windswept Sky area in the Dream World, but you need over 7,500 points before you can find it.
  • Chatot can only gain the move 'Role Play' by being caught from the Dream World

How to Use Chatter for Chatot


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