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Why Children should Play Video Games & Computer Games

Updated on December 15, 2015

Children Today

Many children today lack the ability to make a swift decision and this is partly due to the way they are being raised. Yes, I said raised. As you look through the generations you see there are many styles of learners, many styles of personalities and many people today who have learned quick response skills because they were exposed to video games and later pc games. Shocked? Good!

Eye to hand coordination isn't learned by playing with balls, riding bicycles or swinging. You can't learn eye to hand coordination while swimming or playing sports either. Sitting behind a desk at school only makes you pay attention and write. So how do you learn eye to hand coordination? By using a joy stick with your computer games, console games or hand held gaming systems. Even on a smart phone or tablet you have a better chance of increasing your eye to hand coordination.

Eye to hand coordination helps with sports

ESPN recently put out an article listing the top twenty sports which require good eye to hand coordination they are:

  1. Baseball / Softball
  2. Table tennis
  3. Tennis
  4. Racquetball / Squash
  5. Auto-racing
  6. Team Handball
  7. Ice Hockey
  8. Basketball
  9. Volleyball
  10. Fencing
  11. Badminton
  12. Lacrosse
  13. Boxing
  14. Shooting
  15. Field Hockey
  16. Archery
  17. Soccer
  18. Rodeo Riding (Calf Roping)
  19. Water Polo
  20. Martial Arts

So why all the hubbub about being able to use quick responses and have good eye to hand coordination? Our world is becoming rampant with other elements we are not prepared to deal with, children today have the right to believe they are capable of anything. We had it as kids too, its something you cannot simply remove because as a parent you heard gaming is bad. Gaming in the sense of gambling is bad. Gaming and developing good skills to deal with life, is the best gift a parent is able to give their children.

Playing games on the computer is a plus, because you are developing a keen sense of sureness on a computer system. If you have not taken inventory of the computers which are in our current world, here's a small list:

  1. The brakes you use today in your car are driven by a computer
  2. The ATM machine at the bank is one of the first computers out there and today are more sophisticated than ever
  3. At the gas pump
  4. Your watch
  5. The alarm clock
  6. The oven
  7. Your washer and dryer
  8. The garage door opener
  9. The sprinkler system (Some states have smart water systems, where the soil tells the water system when to water!)
  10. Your pool equipment timer / sweepers
  11. Your GPS system in your phone, computer, car
  12. Your Tablet
  13. Smart phones
  14. Computers (desktops and laptops)
  15. Wireless Printers

Just to name a few you use every day. The knowledge your kids earn and learn today will take them into the next century. Do you want to be the only parent who does not allow their kids time on a console game, computer game or handheld gaming device?

I am not saying turn them loose on the computer for hours. During the week your kids should be allowed to play computer games to build their skills for the future. High school is tough, give them the tools to fight of the people who make going to school tough. You can offer rewards for good grades, good test scores and just being a general all around good kid.

Kids nee free time, watch what they play, make sure your email address is attached to the accounts they make, this way you can down play anything you can't afford for them to buy in the games or have your kids play games where you are in control of the in game money.

For older kids, I recommend getting a Steam account, the game engine hosts the games in the cloud but some do require backup storage on your computer hard drive. Allow your kids to explore at the rate you want them to, never just throw them to the wind.

Critical thinking skills are a must in all ages of society, help your children, adults in your home learn to better control themselves. Growing up with eye to hand coordination opens many doors. Don't let your kids get left behind in today's modern society.


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    • CYong74 profile image

      Kuan Leong Yong 23 months ago from Singapore

      Back in my school days, most of my teachers condemned video games as bad influence and a waste of time. Ironically, I picked up a lot of vocab and facts from video games. Things that in many ways helped me tremendously at work later on.