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Why I Love Playing Words with Friends

Updated on May 6, 2014

The Zynga Company

Zynga Inc. is a company that provides online social games that are available for free or by purchase. The company was founded in April 2007, with headquarters located in San Francisco, California. In July 2007, the company changed it's name from Presidio Media to Zynga. The founder and CEO that is head of this popular company is Mark Pincus. The name of the company was in honor of Zinga, which was the name of the CEO's late American bulldog. The company even uses a picture of a bulldog as the company's logo. The early supporting founding team consists of Eric Schiermeyer, Michael Luxton, Justin Waldron, Kyle Stewart, Scott Dale, Steve Schoettler, and Andrew Trader.Zynga's mission is to connect the world through games. All games created by this company are available on smartphones, on the company website, and on social networking websites. In February 1012, Zynga partnered with Hasbro to enhance their games by producing face-to-face games instead of just online only. For the quarter ending on March 31, 2012, the total revenue for this company was $329 million.

Zynga Inc. Logo

The Words With Friends Game

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Words With Friends

Words With Friends is a multiplayer online word game that was created by Zynga With Friends during July 2009. Players take turns building words in a crossword-style format. The rules and gameplay of this game are similar to the classic boardgame Scrabble, but there is no affiliation. Up to 20 games may be played simultaniously, with random opponents or with friends that are searchable by username or through Facebook. There is also a chat feature that is built in for socializing with opponents. Notifications are sent to players when it is there turn. Words With Friends is one of the top ranking online games in the iOS app store for smartphones. There is a free version that is available for download or a purchased one is available for no advertisements. There are 173,000 words that can be played while scoring points for each word that is played. This game is fun, addicting, and also encourages knowledge of new words.

Words With Friends Logo

How to Play

At the start of each game, all players are given seven random tiles that contain one single letter. After each players turn, the letter tiles are replenished until there are no more letters to play. There is a total of 104 letters tiles. Each letter tile has a number in the top right corner, which is the number of points generated for playing that letter.

Players take turns forming letters on a board that connect with one another. Points are distributed based on the word played and where the word is placed. At the beginning of each turn, all players have a choice to play a word, swap letter tiles, or pass. The objective of this game is to score the most points by playing words on certain tiles within the board that are high in score. For example, playing words on tiles marked with "DW" will give double points. Playing words on tiles marked with "TW" will give triple points. 35 bonus points are awarded to players who can form a word by using all seven of their letter tiles at once.

The game ends when a player has played every tile on their rack, with no remaining tiles left to play. The game also ends if players cannot play for three turns in a row. After the last tile has been played, the opposing player will loose points that are equal to the amount of remaining tiles. This number of points is then awarded to the player who played the last tile.

Words With Friends Play Board

Why I Love Playing Words With Friends

There are many different reasons why I love playing words with friends. This game is highly popular online, but is also available as a traditional board game. This game is wonderful for many different reasons. If you haven't played this awesome game already, try it soon. I have made a list of the top reasons why I love playing Words With Friends. I hope you enjoy this online game as much as I do.

1. It's Fun and Easy Game Play.

The game starts with all of the players being given seven random letter tiles, with 104 replenishing tiles. Each letter tile represents the letter and a point value for playing that specific letter. Players take turns building words onto the special board that contains bonus values for placing letters in special spaces. During a player's turn, they can play a word, pass, or even swap out tiles for unused tiles. The game can end once a player has played all of their tiles or if three scoreless moves have been played in succession, unless the score is 0 to 0. The player with the highest score at the end of the game wins!

2. Words With Friends Can Be Played Multiple Ways.

  • The new board game that is helping this game to becoming the number one game for every one to play.
  • Using your Facebook account to play this game will enable you to invite and start games with your friends on Facebook.
  • The smartphone application of this game can be installed onto the phone to make this game portable and allows message between opponents.
  • iPads, iPods, Kindles, and tablets with wifi also have access to this cool game through an application.

3. This Game Provides Mental Simulation.

This game is a thinking game that requires challenges based on words, placement, and even increasing score. Words With Friends is beneficial to the mind and the brain for excerices and also increasing vocabulary knowledge. Playing this game often can increase a player's vocabulary extensively. While people are playing this game, they can learn new words and ways of spelling certain words that they did not know before. This can also help a person to read and write more effectively.

4. This Game Promotes Vocabulary Enrichment.

Playing this particular game, which is much like Scrabble, can provide increased vocabulary words, spelling, and word meanings. This type of game is challenging, which is healthy for overall life. An increased vocabulary for children is beneficial when learning to read or improving reading skills.

5. It's Great for All Ages.

Along with being mentally healthy and increasing vocabulary, Words With Friends game play is great for most ages, just starting to read and write or to increase current reading and writing skills.This can game provide fun and entertainment to people of all ages.

Tips on How to Play

Other Games By Zynga

Zynga has many other online games to choose from that are great for all ages to enjoy. These games are available through the Google Play Store via smartphone, the Zynga website, or Facebook. Choose to play with random people or with your friends. Some other games created by Zynga are:

  • Hanging With Friends - Guess the opponent's secret word they send while trying to avoid the balloons being popped.
  • Scramble With Friends - Find as many words as possible within the given amount of time while using power ups.
  • Farmville - Create and maintain a personalized farm with the ability to visit other people's farms.
  • CityVille - Build and maintain a city while visiting other people's cities.
  • Hidden Chronicles - Find certain hidden objects that are hidden within a picture for advancement to the next level.


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