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Why I Think Wii U Was Better Than Switch

Updated on April 16, 2020

I do like the Switch, But...

The Nintendo Switch March 2017
The Nintendo Switch March 2017
The Nintendo Wii U November 2012
The Nintendo Wii U November 2012

When the Nintendo Switch hit the shelves it was a success with great titles like Mario Odyssey, Breath of the Wilds and many third party titles to help it along the way such as Skyrim and Dark Souls Remastered, and with the added ability to play this thing anywhere you wanted people went nuts for it and for good reasons.

The Wii U on the other hand Didn't get all the same success at it's start and instead and was considered a failure by the company and many of it's followers however I would still personally pick the Wii U over the Switch. Don't understand, well let me explain a few things I feel the Wii U did better then the switch.

The Menu Layout

Wii U menu
Wii U menu
Switch Menu
Switch Menu

First we start a game which brings us to the menu of the console. Oh dear this thing is a mess, well that is to be expected once you have so many games so lets organize it a little.

And thusly we have the first problem, you can't organize a thing in the Switch, I can't group all platformers in one file or at least put them side by side to each other, the best I can do is scroll over to the far right click the four squares and the decide if they are alphabetical, play time or most resent. You can't even move your data from console to memory card if you chose to so much for cleaning up.

The Wii U on the other hand I can make files and even title them, I could make an adventure file and put all said games in that file or Mario file and so fourth. also if I can move data around if I need to further insuring that I use every little gig on and off the console.

A small update sense writing this article, now you can move data around on your switch console meaning you can move from your memory card to system or back and fourth, still can't organize the games at all thought.

Wii U games
Wii U games
Switch Games
Switch Games

Both the images above are misleading, given they both have many more physical games then that but also the eshop a place where you can find and download games.

I often hear people saying that the Wii U's library of games is poor and lacking but if you take a moment to look you will find that it had allot of third party titles most of the games in the image above are third party and don't include Batman Arkham City, Ninja Gaiden 3 Razors Edge or Amazing Spider-man 1 and 2. the Wii U also had plenty of Nintendo titles like Super Mario 3D World, Yoshi Wholly World and even Breath of the Wild and two Zelda HD remasters Wind Waker and Twilight Princess.

The eshop offers plenty of games of both fronts the Switch probably have more but that's not to say that the switch was anything close to lacking, however the Wii U did have to things the Switch still doesn't.

Backwards Capatablity

For your old school days
For your old school days
Wii for you
Wii for you

The Switch is not backwards compliant, it has nothing to do with power it's just not built into the system and due to unique software requirements it can't many Wii U or Wii games which means of course you have to by all your switch games completely fresh if you wanted to have fun on this bad boy.

Wii U on the Other hand could become a giant Wii console if you chose it to be meaning rather than starting your game library from scratch you would be more likely adding to it given that given the choice you would probably like to keep some of these older games that you have fond memories of.

Now we step into the Virtual Console something that Nintendo started only to due away in a moments notice. I understand the Switch has free nes and snes games if you subscribe to Nintendo Online but you don't own those games meaning if they decide to remove that feature you will lose any and all progress in Super Mario RPG or any other classic game you may be playing also there is no N64 games.

Wii U however has many of the same games plus N64 titles like Mario 64, Donkey Kong 64 and both of the Legend of Zelda's, and sense you have to buy them that means that they are yours to keep unless they hack you system but I don't see that happening, oh yes and before they shut it down you could access the Wii shop channel meaning you had access to all those bonus games too.

Online Play

Can't ignore this
Can't ignore this

Okay this one is a bit more even and the Switch does have more online game overall but I didn't have to pay for that online services on the Wii U, I could just pop in Mario Kart 8 or Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate and play with my friends across the country. Not that 20 bucks a year is a bad price and not all online games on the Switch need it like DC Universe Online for example.

Something that does bother me though, every time I am playing and my friend logs in, I am alerted that he just logged in and so his he. my problem with this is that I don't like being tracked and I really don't care to know what he is playing right now, if we want to play some online game then we will plane via phone or text. The Wii U didn't do that to knowledge but I didn't really allot of online gameplay until the switch so I might completely wrong about this and they are both even in the matter.

Not a big deal but with social distance being a thing right now I thought I should mention it.

It Deserved Better

The Wii U got so much hate and all for the wrong reasons, games looked great on this system and with games like Resident Evil Revelations and Fatal Frame Maiden of Black Water you can really see just how good the Wii U can look. it had a great library of games and I am still surprised at the games I discover on the system today, and local multiplayer was the best you could ask for given that both players were given there own screen how cool was that I remember playing Lego Jurassic World and both me and my brother being at opposite ends of the map and having no idea what each other was actually doing.

I think the Wii U was better than the Switch but what do you guys think, leave me a comment in the section below, and until then have a super happy day!


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