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5 Reasons Why Gaming is Actually Good for You.

Updated on July 1, 2015

Some words before we start.

Here i will talk about why gaming isn't a bad thing. BUT for the gamers out there don't use this as an excuse to play all day.

Don't just sit your ass all day gaming... no one says no... but get out with friends at a beer or something once in a while to compensate.

I am that type of person that likes to be known by friends as gamer. But i don't let this stop me from going out with them.

This is just an advice...go outside sometimes.

#1 - Gaming gives you great hand-eye coordination and improves reaction time.

Have you once played a First Person Shooter game where you seen an RPG missile coming at you and you just dodged it in the last second. That's what im talking about.

While in games you generally have to act fast and with the will to win you don't only get better at the game...the speed at witch you react improves drastically and that can help in a lot of real life situations.

Now not only reaction time and hand eye coordination. But IQ can be improved as well. Learning to identify and connect certain patterns and do analogies with them faster and easier.

Kids who played Tetris 30 minutes a day for three months had a thicker cortex that those who didn't play.

(Cortex processing the coordination and visual information)

#2 - Games are a good stress reliever.

Have you ever been so pissed of on someone that you wand to just shoot someone. Well in gaming you can.

Studies show that First Person Shooter games are a good stress reliever putting you in a position where you can't harm anyone because of your frustrations.(Except of course the guy you kill in the game probably him being a 9 year old who is angrier than you).

(And except Dark Souls... that game had a lot of people pissed off.)

But in general Gamers are not violent people...I know that online you could find people that will say that if they see you in real life he will stab you with a pen. But the truth is...gamers are peacefull persons... I have gamer friends that get pissed of in games but would never beat someone or WORSE for the reason he could not No-Scope the annoying 9 year old in Call of Duty.

And before you go commenting like:

"I've seen a video of a guy smashing a keyboard to some other guys face cuz he was beating him in a game."

I can just say that some people have anger problems and those should stay away from rage generating games like CatMario.

#3 - Games have social interactions.

Gaming is anti-social? WANNA BET?

With the integration of Online Multiplayer and Co-op modes in video games nowadays, gamers are socialising a lot.

Not talking about MMORPGs where gamers work together, communicate and plan their next move.Sometimes that works...but sometimes... well... this happens:

One of the biggest epic fail in history of gaming.

OK... let's pass over that.

The important thing to note is that gaming not only is social... but the way games are made gives you and your friends to experience an adventure together.

#4 -Games can implement Education.

Gaming has it's learning curve... you need to do the tutorial before playing a new game.

But EXCLUDING that now we refer to games that learn you things about real live.

Educational games range from learning you the alphabet to maths to physics. Helping kids learn easier and having fun at the same time. Mixing learning that is not so pleasant with games that are get the best of both worlds.

But what can a gamer like me learn from for example...Assassin's Creed?

Well in Assassin's Creed there has alot of real life events in can learn some history from the historical database that the game offers you while running after templars.

You can learn about certain events and landmarks in history, and pretty much have fun while you climb the Colosseum to sync.

#5 - Games can improve the body.

Games like Wii Fit and the new console adaptations like Kinect and PS Move...otherwise known as Motion Gaming are a good way to work out without leaving your home(not saying you shouldn't).

These options got alot of attention back in 2010 when the Kinect released, followed shortly after the PS Move.

There are not alot of things to talk about here because motion gaming wasn't that much of a game changer. But soon with the upcoming VR headsets like Oculus Rift, Sony's Project Morpheus, HTC Vive and the Microsoft HoloLens, this could change drastically how we play games...will it be such a big fenomenon, or an epic fail.

We just have to wait and see.


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    • Trisca Andrei profile imageAUTHOR

      Trisca Andrei 

      3 years ago from Piatra Neamt - Romania

      Thank you for the comment Larry.

    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 

      3 years ago from Oklahoma

      Video games certainly do help certain aspects of mental development.

      Interesting hub.


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