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Why PC Gaming Is Better in Every Way

Updated on May 30, 2017

Gaming is the most popular way to entertain the human mind. Gaming has come a long way from where it has started in the 1960s with arcade gaming to where it is today with beautiful graphics that's almost lifelike. Most people have played on some device during their lifetime. Some prefer to play on gaming consoles such as the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One while others prefer computer gaming.

When a new gaming console gets on the market, everybody wants it. There's a certain hype that comes with new gaming consoles that computers will never see. There's a trend that follows the release of new consoles. Videos on YouTube explaining the difference between the old and the new and websites that either compliment or criticize the new console. Sure new consoles deliver better gameplay but the reality is that, it will never really be on top.

MSI Nightblade MIB-246US Gaming Desktop GTX 1060 i7-7700 8GB 1TB HDD Windows 10 VR Ready
MSI Nightblade MIB-246US Gaming Desktop GTX 1060 i7-7700 8GB 1TB HDD Windows 10 VR Ready

MSI Desktop computer for under $1000 that will blast away any next-generation console.


Computers has dominated the world of technology and that includes gaming. The newest gaming consoles will always be ten steps behind top gaming computers. When Sony and Microsoft each released their own respectable console, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, it was already outdated in comparison with new gaming computers. Someone may defend that statement by saying that both consoles and computers offer the same graphics but it's actually not true. According to Business Insider the main reason that computers will always have better graphics is because it's upgradable. You can upgrade your graphics card, processing power and much more while consoles become obsolete the moment they're released.

An important fact is televisions are evolving at an incredible rate. The release of 4K UHD displays shows how fast it's evolving. The biggest setback of it all is that consoles can't handle the 4K display. Even the new PlayStation 4 and Xbox One still have to display their games on the normal HD displays(1080p). Computers on the other hand can handle 4K displays without any real struggle. The computer doesn't even have to be that expensive. A normal MSI gaming computer valued at $1000 could easily handle 4K displays. Normally computer games are slightly cheaper than console games and the computer will last you longer in the long run. Computer gaming is essentially a lot cheaper than console gaming.

There's also a lot more you can do on a computer. Sure gaming may be your main reason for having a console but with a good computer, you can have great gaming and have all the other perks of computers as well. There's also a vast majority of games that are made only for computers such as the very popular League of Legends. You can add "mods" to your game in no time making it more fun and it's a lot easier to share your games with your friends.

The conclusion is that while a new gaming console may be good for a few years(maybe two or three at the most) before it's outdated, the graphics of games are evolving everyday and sooner or later you would have to buy yet another gaming console whilst a good gaming computer would last at least two generations worth of consoles and that's before you even decide to upgrade your hardware.

MSI GL62M 7RD-056 15.6" Performance Gaming Laptop Core i7-7700HQ GTX 1050 16GB 1TB
MSI GL62M 7RD-056 15.6" Performance Gaming Laptop Core i7-7700HQ GTX 1050 16GB 1TB

This MSI gaming laptop easily overpowers next-generation consoles for under $1000.


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