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Why Play Scrabble?

Updated on February 26, 2013

Scrabble -- a wonderful word board game that was designed from the the mind of Alfred Mosher Butts, a struggling architect, during the Great Depression in the late 30's. It’s easily one of best board games, and if you play Scrabble (at least fairly) regularly, you may have discovered how you've improved in the quality of plays you make, as well as the how fast you make them. Having a large vocabulary isn't a surefire way to be a good player, even though it helps. There are particular mental skills that you can foster and improve with regular playing of the game, which are transferable to other (non-game) activities and tasks. Children, like adults, have a lot to gain from Scrabble, and here are some reasons.

Scrabble Helps to Improve Concentration and Strategy Skills

Even though the concept and rules of Scrabble are fairly simple, the actual game may not necessarily be so. This is a reason that the game’s manufacturers recommend the minimum age of a player to be 8-years-old. With seven tiles in your rack, you have to think about the best word you can play in the best place to earn the most points possible. Additionally, with each play you make, you may have to foresee possible future plays for yourself, and avoid setting a roadblock for those plays. Simply put, your strategy skills will improve.

Scrabble Folio Edition
Scrabble Folio Edition

This scrabble board is great for travelling, as it's compact, the pouch folds out with it, and it locks letter tiles in place.


Scrabble Improves Visual Word Recognition

Studies show that people who regularly play Scrabble develop their ability to quickly identify words from jumbled letters and a complex layout or letters and words on the board. Hargreaves, et. al (2012) mention that “...visual word recognition involves extraction of three kinds of information about word stimuli: orthography (spelling),phonology (sound), and semantics (meaning)”. However the most common way that a player draws information is through spelling. The more you play Scrabble, you can expect to get faster with recognizing anagrams such as ‘lived and devil’ or ‘lemon and melon’; recognizing several alternative plays.

Scrabble Helps to Improve Basic Arithmetic Skills

With each play you make, you’ll need to calculate the particular word score. Arithmetic in Scrabble involves addition of numbers from each title, and multiplication when a tile covers a space labeled double/triple letter, or double/triple word. Leave the calculator for calculating the final score, and calculate each play you make. There are times when you have several play options, and in deciding on which word (and place) to play, you may need to calculate the word score for each option.

Scrabble Improves Your Spelling and Vocabulary

Strange words are often played on the Scrabble board, and you can learn quite a number of them, especially if you’re an intense word-challenger. Draw for your dictionary and see if your rival ‘Scrabbler’ placed a legitimate word on the board. Furthermore, don’t only check the spelling, but also the meaning.

Scrabble Bonds Couples, Friends and Families

Scrabble is at its core, a family game. It’s fun. Competition is good once good sportsmanship is in motion. This board game bonds people together, by creating memories, provoking laughter at silly or smart plays while everyone gets smarter.

Scrabble has maintained its royal status as the best word game there is, and can be played virtually anywhere. With various types of boards to meet your needs and purposes, you can choose a deluxe board that’s large and great for the living room, or you can choose a travel board that’s compact and prevents the tiles from being shifted easily. Scrabble is for everyone, and you can be sure that you’ll gain the benefits discussed. All you need to do is play regularly -- but if you want to win, you have no choice but to scrabble!

Hasbro Scrabble Deluxe Edition
Hasbro Scrabble Deluxe Edition

Colorful board is built with a carrying case and can easily rotate on its six soft rubber wheels.



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