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Why Use Styrofoam Glue

Updated on June 20, 2013

Styrofoam Glue Introduction

Styrofoam glue is a specific type of specialty adhesive which can be an integral part of any arts or crafts project that involves Styrofoam.  Because of this, finding the right Styrofoam adhesive like UHU Styrofoam Film & Foils Glue, is extremely critical if you want the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are using the absolute finest Styrofoam glue available for whatever specific task you're tackling. When working with an easy to break item like Styrofoam, you want to make sure to keep mistakes to an absolute minimum.  Using the wrong adhesive or a general glue can end up setting you up for failure when you can least afford it.

There are various different types of glue on the market, but Styrofoam adhesives are the only ones which are specifically designed for adhering bits of Styrofoam together. If you glue Styrofoam with anything else, then you're just asking for substandard or less than ideal materials, which will always lead to a less than ideal result.

There are many people who wonder if there is a proper strategy for how to glue Styrofoam, and this is even a topic that gets some debate on handyman forums, but if you want the right tool for the job, then find a quality Styrofoam glue or an excellent Styrofoam adhesive, and then you'll be prepared to complete whatever project comes your way.

Using Styrofoam Adhesive

Styrofoam glue is the type of Styrofoam adhesive that you would only expect from a true handyman's arsenal - or from the materials list of someone who is used to working with a lot of Styrofoam because of model building hobbies. This particular type of joining adhesive is obviously made and used for the very specific, and obvious, purpose of gluing 2 pieces or more of Styrofoam together. But this can also be used for attaching a piece of the plastic foam to something else, like cardboard.

This is a hobby glue, and while the very idea of a glue just for Styrofoam might sound funny or strange to some people, there are many crafts and hobbies that require the use of something like this.

Several different brands of this specialty adhesive exist. While there aren't entire shelves at the local hardware store the way there are for hammers, saws, or even bathroom signs. But the various types of Styrofoam adhesive do offer a variety to choose from. Options are always a good thing, and you will want to do your research to make sure that you get the specific type that fits your project the best. This is a good bit of news since every person's individual project is going to be different, so your specific needs for one project might not be the same as for another. Each case might require a different style.

The majority of the time when you use Styrofoam glue, a small dab will be more than enough to get the job done. While it's certainly possible to find larger containers of Styrofoam adhesive, it's not a popular need, so most of the time this will come in very tiny tubes.

One VERY important fact, in fact it's critical for you to know, that you should NEVER be applied directly to the foam via hot glue gun. No type of hot glue should ever be put directly on Styrofoam. The most likely result is melting and burning that will cause toxic fumes..

Follow these rules, do your homework, and you'll find that a good Styrofoam adhesive will be a nice boost to your project.

Styrofoam Glue, Adhesive, Epoxy

There are many different names for Styrofoam glue, and you shouldn't allow this fact to confuse you.  While not every single type of specialty glue might technically fall under these categories, it's good to know that in general when it comes to this particular type of hobby adhesive, the three terms are generally interchangeable.  In the case of Styrofoam, these 3 synonyms are:

  • Styrofoam glue
  • Styrofoam epoxy
  • Styrofoam adhesive

These are basically the same thing, although arguments could be made that adhesive and glue might be the most general terms, and that spray based Styrofoam hobby glue might not technically fall under the category of epoxy, but at that point we're arguing semantics.  If you see any of these three labels, you can rest pretty well assured that the glue is designed to work with Styrofoam and your model rocket or whatever hobby you're undertaking is in good hands with that product.

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