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"Warframe" Review

Updated on July 16, 2019
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Ryan is an avid videogame lover, who's been gaming on PC and Xbox for the past several years. His favorite genres are adventure and shooter.

The starter warframes are some of the most recognizable to those familiar with the game.
The starter warframes are some of the most recognizable to those familiar with the game.


The premise of this third-person shooter by Digital Extremes is that you play as the Tenno, an ancient race of warriors that wakes up after a long sleep to master the Warframes, a suit of armor that gives you special abilities to fight off enemies that are looking to conquer the solar system. You use a VERY wide range of weapons including guns, bows and arrows, swords, staffs, and more. Your warframes are extremely agile, and acrobatics are a natural part of the game. There are several major quests that explore the lore of the Tenno and of the other significant characters that recur throughout the game, whether in the form of a major villain or your friend. You can meet up with up to three other players for missions, and can join a clan to grow as part of a community and help each other unlock more secrets, weapons, and memories.

The Game is Free!

One of the most apparent and important points to address is that everything in the game is completely free! The game itself is free, and anything in the game is accessible to any player without spending cash on the game. There are opportunities to skip the process of obtaining materials and crafting, and shortcut the wait by buying packs, but every single item in the game that is obtainable through a pack, is also available to achieve by just putting in the effort. This does not mean that it will require hours upon hours upon hours to achieve anything, but some of the better pieces of equipment certainly require a bit more luck and time than the common pieces.

100% Free!

The Amount of Content

Warframe has literally thousands of hours of content available. There is so much to unlock in the game that I still have not even unlocked every warframe. There are 40 different types, not including their “primed” variants. Most warframes and weapons have Primed versions of themselves that boost their stats and are more powerful than the normal version. These are harder to unlock and their availability is limited, with each primed warframe being available for a couple months before vaulted and another one emerges. This also applies to the hundreds upon hundreds of weapons with different styles, effects, and looks.

A collage of some of the many Warframes the player can utilize.
A collage of some of the many Warframes the player can utilize.


For many free games, the cost of development is low, and the visuals are either styled simply or just not up to the standard that a billion-dollar company would hold itself to. That is not the case with Warframe. The amount of detail that goes into every aspect of the game is astounding. While there admittedly isn’t much variety in the sounds and phrases that enemies make, the design that goes into creating the warframes and their counterparts is impressive. Additionally, Digital Extremes has an update coming out later this year (2019) where they completely redid the lighting and shadows of the game and it looks absolutely beautiful!

A shot from Tennocon 2019, showcasing the improved lighting, reflections, and shadow effects.
A shot from Tennocon 2019, showcasing the improved lighting, reflections, and shadow effects. | Source


As mentioned before, Warframe has a large update coming that revitalized the lighting and shadow aspects of the game. This is just one part of the large update coming this winter, which includes more storyline, more enemies, more warframes, and another open-world area. This is one of the major updates that come out each year, with many smaller ones in between. The frequency of updates means the game is constantly improving and adding content. New warframes are added often, always coming with their own signature weapons and new abilities. Digital Extremes has been adding open-world areas to the game, which highlights one of the big changes they’ve introduced since their mission-only style launched years ago. Each one provides a different environment and experience to the game, even introducing hunting, fishing, and mining to a game that previously was just a shooter/ninja adventure. These drastic updates show how much the game has evolved over the years, and it has no signs of slowing down.

The Plains of Eidolon open-world expansion.
The Plains of Eidolon open-world expansion.

And The Results Are In!

I highly recommend trying out this game. It’s an interesting take on typical shooter games, emphasizing the acrobatics and abilities of your warframe, while still providing a shooter-esque experience. The vast variety of Warframes allows for any style of play, and the team aspect creates some pretty unique experiences. There are so many hours of gameplay to be spent on this game, I sincerely hope you enjoy exploring this world as much as I did!!


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