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Why You Should Buy NVIDIA Shield

Updated on June 14, 2016

With the incorporation of diverse technologies, gamers are looking for one way to play all of their Android and PC games in one system without cords and hours of frustration. NVIDIA is looking to rank the playing arena with the NVIDIA Shield, a three part system which supports portable gaming across a selection of platforms.


NVIDIA Shield is very identical to the Xbox 360, but still handles to convey a shiny elegance. A lot of gamers give emphasis to the removable magnetic cover which adorns the lid of the devices. It comes with plastic cover known as a tag, glides off with ease and snaps back into original position effortlessly. It also comes with the default silver bag that has raised center panel, which stands out next to the matte black chassis made of plastic.

Buttons and Controls

In the middle of this device is the proprietary Shield control. A quick push takes you to an optimized TegraZone, while a long push will show an option for sleep, power, Miracast wireless display and Airplane mode.

When not playing, the analog right stick acts as your virtual mouse. The left stick allows you to cycle in applications and home screens. Pushing down on either left or right stick if hovering over an icon will launch the selected icon right away.


For a compact design, the sound is remarkable. The incorporated stereo speakers generate a clear and rich sound. The Pharrell’s lilting falsetto meshed properly with the bassline. Even better, the keyboard and guitar were in ideal harmony, making a whole balanced sound.


This is integrated with the default Android keyboard. The big dark gray buttons are properly spaced in setting mode. The outline lacks trace typing, but Google’s own keyword integrates this feature together with a vibrant floating word preview.

Operating System

Nvidia Shield works a quite pure version of Android. Unlike a usual Android gadget, this doesn’t feature a lock screen. It comes with a default home screen which has Google Search Bar with 6 icons like Twitch TV, Hulu Plus, Shield Help, Settings, Expandable Rearmed and Sonic 4 Episode II THD.


Nvidia Shield is extremely well designed and built.

It comes with a controller that provides a point of mixing which has not been possible in past Android devices. Add in an abundant catalog of very reasonable, high quality game titles, the Nvidia Shield is the holy grail of gaming devices for any player. It comes with a clear and very nice screen. The system is fluid and the whole thing works really well.

Blistering overall as well as graphical performance

This device has springy and tight controls, is relatively customizable, very loud and full audio and most of all, you can use it for a long time.

Nvidia Shield Devices to Choose From

Nvidia Shield Tablet

It is well known for generating high quality graphics cards utilized all over the world by players. Nvidia made an eight-inch tablet with a Tegra K1 mobile processor and full High Definition 1080p screen. It comes with front facing speakers and it comes with a cover which doubles as a stand. Nvidia Shield tablet is made to be utilized with the wireless controller to play all of your computer games. You also have the capability to stream your games by means of Twitch. The best thing about this product is that it is able to plug straight into the Television set, negating the need of buying a 42 inch flat screen for your computer.

Nvidia Shield Portable

Comes complete with advanced rendering as well as precision control, the Nvidia Shield portable is an all in one gadget for the traveler player. Integrated with a Tegra mobile 4 processor, a 5-inch 720p touch screen, this state of the art portable gadget also comes preloaded with optimized games and could run any popular emulator. With online capability, the Nvidia Shield portable also serves as a high quality amusement device capable of streaming HULU and Netflix and downloading any kind of media from Google Play.

Nvidia Shield

A new gaming system meant for your living room. I did not get the time to review this one yet but I will update my article as soon as I go deeper into this little gem right here. All I can say about it is that it looks amazing, it supports a 4k resolution in Android games and that it has an internal memory of 16GB.

More information will come soon.

Nvidia Shield Wireless Controller

Built to work with both portable devices and tablet, Nvidia Shield wireless controller is the first-ever precision controller made for both Android and PC streaming. Its wireless capability utilizes Wi-Fi Direct in order to lessen latency and improve performance in comparison to the Bluetooth controllers. Every controller also uses a built-in microphone to access voice command as well as search functions. Other features take account of a headphone jack, dedicated keys for Android navigation, touch pad as well as volume controls.

What Shield device would you choose if you could get one for free?

See results

Undoubtedly made by players for players, the Nvidia Shield lineup is the next big thing in game integration. Through making products which make accessing as well as playing your computer games easier and stress free combined with stellar superiority of both sound and picture, full gaming systems will be on the way out sooner or later. This ease of use as well as portability means that computer gaming is quickly going to become prevailing way to play video games. Convenience and accessibility make Nvidia Shield a viable device in mobile gaming.

The Nvidia is not going to attract a massive amount of audience, but many believe it was made to do so. It is clear that company had one thing in mind in the development of the Shield – to make a state of the art gaming tool which runs on the platform of Android. The company certainly became successful. For those searching for the best Android gaming device, look no further than Nvidia Shield.


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