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Why do males get angry if a female beats them at a game?

Updated on April 26, 2011

I have played video games for years, one big question I have always had is "Why do males get angry if a female wins?" me being a male I have never really felt angry if a female won but having a "Gamer Wife" I watch how mean and cruel the males on these games can be. I decided a few months back to investigate why males get so angry when they lose to a female. To start my experiment I had to find the right game. After hours of finding a game that I could at least match these guys who play all day I decided to play Forza 3, a car racing game for Xbox 360. My wife and I then had to decide how "girly" the car had to be to make people think it was a girl, even if it was me playing. We ended up with a pink and white Hello Kitty theme. On that day "Hello Kitty Racing" was born.

After we had the game and the car, we had to find out what type of race we would test on. After hours of looking around we found that the "Drift" races held the most people who actually commented on the cars andon the people playing. We started slow, not really winning, talking or using the "Kitty Car" just to feel around. after a few hours of jumping around rooms and testing the water, we pulled out the "Kitty Car". Within 15 seconds we got comments like "what is that" and "OH my god watch out a girl is racing with us". After placing 2nd out of 8 people one male yells into the mic "Get back in the kitchen where you belong". They then kicked us from group.

The next room we went to had the same amount of people. This time I had my wife talk into the mic. Instead of the hateful comments like the last group we had this group was more willing to accept a female to play with them. After placing 3rd in the "Kitty Car" we got 3 friend requests from males who thought it was great that a female could beat them and wanted to know how they could get there wives to play games with them. After months of us doing these races and running into more males who thought it was okay to say "go back to the kitchen" than to accept that a female beat them. Most of the time we would run into males who thought that females were inferior to them, they were a teenage boy or someone from Europe or Australia.

After everything that I have witnessed in doing this experiment it is no wonder why we don't have more female gamers, they get treated like trash. For the females who do play games my heart goes out to them. I personally could not stand people telling to rude things and asking how big my breasts are or if I am "hot". More power to the female gamers!


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    • destinae profile image

      destinae 6 years ago

      Great article. I really liked your experiment. Sadly, that is the probably the biggest reason I prefer to play solo rather than online games. When I sit down with the PS3, I just want to relax and not have to listen to a bunch of hate-filled comments. Even if I mention that I play games, people think I have no life, so I feel weird even mentioning it.