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Why naughty dog are the worst multiplayer developers ever!

Updated on August 20, 2016

I take another look at naughty dogs 2016 blockbuster and 4 month in you begin to notice naughty dogs incompetence in regards to build a solid multiplayer game. Now this isn't a claim I make lightly, I must point out I love the uncharted series and tlou untold amount. They are literally my favourite games of the past 27 years and naughty dog are mostly on point in regards to their ability to make games... HOWEVER!!! with a few hours of play I was able to compile a list of issues that forced me to take off my nd colour glasses. For the sake of time I compiled a short list of the main issues that support my statement.

1. Inability to learn from mistakes from previous games. There are a few features in the game that have somehow made their way from uncharted 2, through 3 and secured a position in uncharted 4's multiplayer. Features that the uncharted community has been complaining for since the first multiplayer game uncharted 2. Now uncharted doesn't have a massive player base, there's less that half a million players online (much less) in a years time there will only be players that have been playing since uc2. Naughty dog NEED to cater for their core audience and stop trying to cater for new players as these players have already moved on.

2. Latency & matchmaking - well this one almost didn't make the list for the following reason, all naughty dog games have horrific lag. Every single one of them. They are some of the laggyest multiplayer games on the market and naughty dog hasn't done anything about it in 4 multiplayer games. in fact they have actually made it worse recently by introducing skill based matchmaking. So now all I play is people in Pakistan and India with crappy internet connections. When the game launched if your connection wasn't good enough a white plug would appear and you would get disconnected. This was an amazing addition and if naughty dog had stuck to their guns would of seen the laggers leave the game sooner. unfortunately naughty dog buckled and gave in to the community and lowered the games network requirements resulting in all these laggy players teleporting around maps and shooting you round corners. Which brings me to my last point.

3. Bending over to the community - when naughty dog release a game, it's in a pretty good state. Uc4 more so than precious titles. Unfortunately the community kick off saying every weapon is op until every weapon has been nerfed and the game is no longer worth playing as all the guns feel weak. Naughty dog next game you need to stick to your guns and stop ruining your multiplayer games.

so this is the 3 main reasons I believe naughty dog are the worst multiplayer developers of all time.

However the reasons are not limited to this list. Honourable mention goes out to hunter and indras eternity.


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