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Wii Bundle

Updated on March 14, 2011

Introduction to the Wii Bundle

The Wii console is a great way to play the huge selection of Nintendo Wii games in the genre you like, with the accessories you need. A Wii Bundle could save you money, and set you up for a whole load of fun!

The Nintendo Wii is more than just a games console, and thanks to it's fun and interactive multiplayer games it makes a perfect Christmas gift for families, or even just someone who likes to entertain.

Buying a Nintendo Wii Bundle can help save you a huge amount of money, especially when compared to buying all the Nintendo Wii games and accessories separately. The most popular Wii bundles will often include related accessories and games, for instance the Nintendo Wii Fit bundle will give you some fun fitness games, and the accessories to help keep you in shape!

With a little bit of searching you can easily find a Wii bundle which includes everything you need to have a good tiem with your Nintendo Wii, whether you want to keep fit, play with friends or play games by yourself.

Wii Bundle

Wii Bundle
Wii Bundle

Why Buy a Wii Bundle?

Buying a Wii Bundle has several benefits, the most obvious of which is price.  You can save up to 30% when you buy a Wii bundle compared to buying all the parts seperately. This is a pretty nice saving, and it is one you should definitely take advantage of if you are looking to buy the best Wii bundle for you or your family.

The second major benefit is convenience.  With a Wii bundle you can find a package which includes everything you need to get the most out of your Wii console.  If you want to keep fit a Wii Fit Bundle will give you a balance board, some other fitness accessories and some Wii Fit games to help you keep in shape and have fun.  A children's Wii bundle will have a package of games, and maybe a skateboard accessory or similar

Where to find the Best WIi Bundle Deal

You can find some great deals on a Wii Bundle that suits you online. Two of the major places to find the perfect Wii Bundle are on eBay and on Amazon. While Amazon does some great deals, you can find some gems on eBay as well.

The great thing about finding a Wii bundle on eBay is that with it being an auction site, you generally pay less.  However with regular Amazon special offers you can sometimes get a much better deal with this site!

Choosing the Best Wii Bundle for You

Finding the Wii bundle that suit you is usually pretty easy to do. If you are a big sports or fitness fan then the Wii Fit balance board bundle is probably a great choice.  For those who love shooting games however, choose a bundle with some fast paced FPS games, and make sure it comes with some gun shaped accessories for accurate point and shoot gameplay.

Racing fans may want to get a Wii bundle which includes Mario Kart and a steering wheel or two. This is probably one of the best party options, however don't discount a Wii bundle packed with party games, including Wii Sing and Guitar Hero. Definitely don't hesitate about a Guitar Hero Wii bundle if you love to rock by the way!


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    • Pamela99 profile image

      Pamela Oglesby 7 years ago from United States

      Thanks for the information. We have been talking about buying the Wii.